You On Point, Phife? Phife Dawg’s Best Lyrics

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Photo via The Source

Photo via The Source

On Tuesday, the five foot assassin’s light went out. Intimately known as Malik Taylor, Phife Dawg has died from from complications concerning his battle with diabetes. Phife’s medical issues led him to a kidney transplant back in 2008.

Phife Dawg was the founding member of trio, A Tribe Called Quest. Most popular in the 1990’s, the jazz-infused hip-hop collective went on to make classic albums such as 1991’s “The Low End Theory” and 1993’s “Midnight Marauders.”

Arguably the most distinct flow and voice in Tribe, Phife Dawg have spit lines talent attempt to copy to this day. A lot of them are genius, all of them are good. All the time, Tip.

“Can I Kick It?”

“Can I kick it? To my Tribe that flows in layers/Right now, Phife is a poem sayer.”

“Buggin’ Out”

“No need to sweat Arsenio to gain some type of fame/No shame in my game cause I’ll always be the same/Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have/You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don’t know the half.”


“I’m vexed, fumin, I’ve had it up to here/My days of payin dues are over, acknowledge me as in there/Head for the border, go get a taco/I’ll be wreckin from the jump street, meaning from the get-go/Sit back relax and let yourself go/Don’t sweat what you heard, but act like you know.”

“Electric Relaxation”

“By the way, my name’s Malik/The Five-Foot Freak/Let’s say we get together by the end of the week/She simply said, “No”, labelled me a hoe/I said, “How you figure?” My friends told me so.”

“Award Tour”

“Phife Dawg’s my name, but on stage, call me Dynomutt / when was the last time you heard the Phifer sloppy? / lyrics anonymous, you’ll never hear me copy / top notch baby, never comin less / sky’s the limit, you gots to believe up in Quest.”

“His Name is Mutty Ranks”

“Boom batta, watch your teeth shatter /all that shit you pop in your jams, it won’t matter / bust your whole grill, now watch that joint shatter / I’m the Captain of the ship, FUCK a William Shatner / emcees be poppin shit when they squeezin they cake batter / claimin they style be fat, but guess whose style is fatter?”

“We Can Get Down”

“When the Tribe is in the house that means nobody is safe / how can a reverend preach, when a rev can’t define / the music of our youth from 1979 / we rap by what we see, meaning reality / from people busting caps and like Mandela being free / not every MC be with the negativity / we have a slew of rappers pushing positivity / hip hop will never die yo, it’s all about the rap / So Mayor Barry smoking crack, let’s preach about that.”


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    wow. this is the best article i’ve ever read in my entire life. thank you Sydney Cunningham.

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