What the heck happened to Katy Perry?

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After her six-month, worldwide tour supporting her 2013 album, Prism, Katy Perry has seemed distant from the music scene. Fans are expecting new music, but will she deliver?

Photo courtesy Perry's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy Perry’s Facebook page.

In an interview with The New York Times, Perry said that she likes to present her records in a more “traditional” way, releasing new music every three years. She said, “I need a little more freedom, especially when I’ve been doing it for this long.”

Last May, Perry’s manager, Steven Jenson, claimed at a music and entertainment conference in Singapore that Perry’s album would be released “by 2016,” according to Idolator. Although Perry said she is in the “research and development phase,” she also said, “I don’t want to jump into any trends. I just need to evolve.”

Even though her tour finished in October, Perry needs some time to breathe. According to an interview with Associate Press, Perry explained that maybe she needs to “reinvent” herself a little.

“I can’t keep topping myself because I’ll just combust at some point,” Perry said. The singer also said wants to “craft songs about life experiences” after the tour, which likely would take a few months.

Due to a recent performance with Dolly Parton, rumors have been spreading about Perry possibly going country. After news spread about the two stars performing together at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards, Perry proclaimed her excitement on Twitter.

Photo found on Perry's Twitter.

Photo found on Perry’s Twitter.

The two shared some similarities on stage with their sequined outfits, and background experiences.

“Maybe we’re kind of cut from the same lamé, because her grandpa was a preacher, my father’s a preacher,” she said during the show. “We both grew up singin’ and playin’ guitar in church, and we’re both known for some of the biggest songs in our fields.”

Photo courtesy Perry's Instagram.

Photo courtesy Perry’s Instagram.

Despite the obvious connection and performance a few weeks ago, Perry posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “lil bit of country, lil bit pop! #outdreamingmydreamsonebyone #ILYSMDolly.” Clearly, it was one of Perry’s dreams to sing with such a famous musician star, however, she isn’t swaying from her pop sound anytime soon.

In the meantime, Perry has been very active in the political scene, spreading awareness for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and even took over her Instagram for the day. She hasn’t been afraid to share her voice and post all over social media #I’mWithHer.

Photos courtesy Perry's Instagram.

Perry with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Photo courtesy Perry’s Instagram.

Recently, Perry has been promoting her first lipstick brand, “The Katy Kat Collection,” which was created with Covergirl. Perry told Covergirl, “Aside from music, I’ve always considered makeup to be a powerful creative avenue for self-expression for me.” There are 12 shades, including “Coral Cat,” “Catoure” and “Pink Paws.”

Photo courtesy Perry's Instagram.

Photo courtesy Perry’s Instagram.

Aside from the pop-superstar’s promotions, Perry has ultimately been enjoying life. She attended the first weekend of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and has been spotted on a few occasions with actor Orlando Bloom.

Since her manager said to expect an album this year, and Perry herself said that she takes on a three year process, fans shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Perry is out living life, and in the meantime, most likely writing about her experiences. The album made Rolling Stone’s “Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2016.” However, as the English phrase says extolling the virtue of patience, “Good things come to those who wait.”

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