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What Stephanie Defeo of UArts is Listening to

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Featured Image by Megan Lynch

Stephanie DeFeo is a 21 year old photographer based out of Philadelphia, PA. You might have seen her freelance work around Uarts’ campus where she’s graduating in May of 2017. If Steph doesn’t have a specific assignment, she shoots photos of friends, night scenes, skaters, and whatever inspires her. The avid music lover states, “Music has a big role in my photography. It’s the rhythm of my scenes.” If you need a dope Philly photographer, you can always find Steph posting on Instagram, sipping black coffee, reading magazines at Barnes and Noble, or pondering the subject of her next work. Here are her top tracks.

1. “Time Machine” – Seers + J.K. the Reaper

Stephanie: “These are my friends from NC. I really love this song. I play it whenever I need some inspiration.” 

2. “Palm Trees” – King Lil G

Steph: “This is such an old song, but I threw it back lately and love the beat.”

3. “Mr. Blue Sky” – ELO

Steph: “Shout out to my dad. We jam this in the car every time we’re together. On a really nice day; hop in the car with a friend (or dad) roll down the windows and blast this song. Good vibes right there :)”

4. “1998 ft Banks” – Chet Faker

Steph: “Found this song on Soundcloud. By the way, love using Soundcloud for finding new talented peeps. It’s just a feel good song- good to listen to when you’re walking to school.

5. “Heavy Shoulders” – Trace

Steph: “When I’m moody about art school, I bump this song. Something about the beat and the waves of the her voice- amazing.”

6. “Psychic City (Classixx Remix)” – Yacht

Steph: “Friday night, my roommate and I play this song before we explore the city. It’s so uplifting- I dig it.”

7. “Bouncin” – Swizzymack

Steph: “SWIZZY. Whenever I have too much caffeine from working on projects, I blast this song because I love it so much. I remember finding Swizzymack on YouTube my freshman year of college, and ever since then, his music pumps me up to go run.”

8. “Jubel” – Klingande

Steph: “I showed my brother this song in the summer and ever since then, it’s been a fan fav for us. I play it whenever I’m depressed by the crappy weather. Jubel is a summer go-to.”

9. HUCCI ~ Hitta VIP – Veyron Arche

Steph: “Shout out to Jiho Givenchy- an amazing person with great taste. He showed me this song and I fell completely in love. Jam with this when you need some tunes to inspire a shoot.”

10. “Victor” – Prinze George

Steph: “Found them this summer. Feel in love with the whole band. All their music is amazing. Victor, especially is bomb.”

11. “Say Hey Kid” – Death Grips

Steph: “If you follow me on snapchat, you see me dancing to this song. Forever and Always.”


Image by Anthoney Zhang

For Steph DeFeo, music is an electric charge that inspires her photography and keeps her focused. From friends in North Carolina, Seers + J.K The Reaper, to Swizzymack and Death Grips, she recommends a vast palate of songs that shape her artistic identity. If you’re on Uarts’ campus, lookout to catch Steph’s new projects. See her photography here!

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