What Is Darrell Abernathy Listening To?

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Darrell Abernathy is a transfer freshmen currently on his second semester with the Kennesaw State University. The young athlete runs hurdles and multi events, such as decathlons and heptathlons. These events require a wide array of skills as the participants run three races, two jumps, pole vault, and attempt four separate throws. Abernathy, a tentative business marketing major, also enjoys a passion off the field. He loves music, even creating his own and sharing it over the internet.

So what is Darrell Abernathy listening to?


1. Giddy Up by Nessly

Nessly is a rapper mostly active on soundcloud, who just signed with Drake’s record label OVO. “I like this song because it has a great fast vibe to it that you can listen to and get ready to get hype and active.”


2. Minnesota by Lil Yatchy

“It brings a whole new turn to vibes from ATL, giving a happy trap music type vibe to it.”


3. Back 2 Back by Drake

This is the track that Drake put out during his beef with Meek Mill.” Great song to get you going to put in the work and a smooth attacking vibe.”


4. Rochelle Aytes by Wintertime Zi

“Brings a little bit of ol school calm vibe that you can sit back and chill listening to.”


5. Ultralight Beam – Kanye

“Great inspirational song, constructed and put together for a perfect sound to wake up and start your day.”


6. Horse by Lil Uzi Vert

“Good song to get turnt and lit to with your friends”


7. Zoney by Wiz Khalifa

“My favorite song, give you a great vibe feeling of working hard to get to the top and gives you a special feeling of the love he has for his song and the hard work he does for his son.”


8. Firefly by Mura Masa

“Peaceful relaxful song to play when you are in a good mood.”


9. Really Really by Kevin Gates

“He brings out a smooth turnt vibe feeling to me, you can still be chill and still turnt listening to this song.”


10. Need It All by LeftHandHenney

(To Be Released)

“A song of mine that I have not released yet, but soon will be. I feel like it brings a new song from an Atlanta ear and reminds you that I always have my friends and by brother’s back.” Darrell creates his own songs and beats when he isn’t in school or training.

Check out Abernathy’s songs on his soundcloud here!


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