We Interview Andorra About Their New Single, Favorite Fellow UArts Bands, and more

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Andorra is an up-and coming rock band based out of Philadelphia. Trebel got the chance to sit down with members, Kevin McCall and Dante DiLoreto, to talk about their new single “Indian Queen”, their first release after debut etc, etc, etc… Check it out here. We also chat about their favorite Philly music venues, other college acts they admire, and what’s next. 

Trebel: You guys must be so excited about releasing “Indian Queen.” Can you tell me a little bit about the song?
Andorra: We are very excited about our new release, we had a lot of fun recording the song at Philly Sound Studios. Our last album etc, etc, etc… came out a year ago. It took about a year and a half to write and record so we’re planning an early start for our next project. The song “Indian Queen,” came to us pretty quickly. Like most of our newer songs, we first piece it together with acoustic guitar. Once I feel it’s finished, I bring it to the band. This song in particular didn’t take long to finish. We’re all very passionate about the song, especially our Dante DiLoreto, our newest addition. It was the first time we all wrote together so it made the process all the more fun. “Indian Queen” is available to download on our Band Camp page.

T: Sounds like a really productive process. So, the song is called “Indian Queen” and your lyrics sound pretty personal. I have to ask- is the ‘Indian Queen’ a real person in your life?
A: You know I don’t kiss and tell, Jake. You’ll have to decipher that for yourself! The title is not as literal as it sounds. It’s actually the name of a street in my neighborhood in East Falls. 

Image Via Facebook

Image Via Facebook

T: Wow, awesome! I’d never assume that’s where the inspiration came from. Is the single the start of an EP or a full length?
A: I think the idea is to work towards a bigger release, potentially another full length. We have a long way to go, but we’re working towards it. We are tracking another song at the moment and have plenty of new tunes we’ve been working on. So yes, something big is in the works! Even older songs that we had not recorded for our first release like “Habits” and “Elephants” are on our to-do list.

T: Nice, man! Do you guys have any plans for a video to the single, or any other songs in the future?
A: We are heading up to DeSales University in a couple of weeks to put together a music video for the song. It’s going to be this cross media, dance interpretation idea our friend Tyler Sherman will direct. He’s done some video stuff for us in the past and we’re excited to work with him at full capacity, taking advantage of the film studio at the school.

T: How has your experience at the University of the Arts been influential or beneficial for your music?
A: Our peers have definitely exposed us to all kinds of new music. I feel like anything we hear can potentially be used as influence. We try to get our hands on anything we can listen to.

T: As we all should! Any other artists on campus you enjoy performing with?
A: We’ve played a couple shows with UArts bands: Baby Blitz, Seoul Delhi, and Uarts alumni Sonnder. All great groups! We also played with Cute Girl From English along with Dylan Young and The Phonies at the Punch Bowl. It was a freaking blast! We’d love to play with those bands more often. We had killer line up back in January with Lost in the Woods, Julia Rainer, and Motherer at the Kung Fu Necktie, but it was canceled because of a snow storm. We’ve been trying to reschedule that show for awhile now. If anyone can help us out with that, let us know! Needless to say, there’s a lot of great talent at UArts.

T: What’s your favorite UArts event that you’ve been a part of?
A: Last semester Matt Diamond put on a small showcase in Hamilton Hall’s basement. It was a mixed bill with a DJ set by Evan Riley, a couple Metal bands, and a set by Jank. The flow of the night was interesting but it was pretty cool to see different styles working together for a great show.

T: What are some of your favorite places to perform at in Philly?
A: It’s hard to say since so many venues are closing down! I’d say Dobbs was our favorite spot for as of last year. We recently played the Tin Angel for the first time a few weeks ago which was a great place to play. Everyone was super attentive and supportive. It was almost like an extreme listening room. Our favorite venue for full band is probably the World Cafe Live. You can’t go wrong with their quesadillas!

Andorra performs Tin Angel

Andorra performs Tin Angel//Photo by Bree Keohane for Rock On Philly

T: Can’t argue with that! When can we hear “Indian Queen” live?
A: We have some shows in the near future. Come see us play!

March 31st: Connie’s Ric Rac w/ Backroom Dreamers

April 10th: Manayunk’s StrEAT Fest w/ Seoul Delhi

April 23rd: West Chester Ram Fest

May 17th: Bourbon & Branch w/ Josh Flagg

T: Sounds great! Excited to see you guys perform. So, what’s next for Andorra?
A: We’re doing some interesting things recording wise. The plan is to split half the work between two studios. One being Darla Hood where we’re tracking bass and drums. Then we switch over to our buddy Mike Weiser’s place to finish it up. There are a couple songs we’re gonna try to record ourselves too, so we’ll see how it turns out!


Be sure to check out Andorra’s Bandcamp and like them on Facebook to stay updated with all of their future projects. The new song sounds awesome guys!

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