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Twitter Reacts to Drake’s Farewell Obama Post

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President Obama’s farewell speech to the nation last night definitely struck an emotional chord and left everyone reflective on his tenure as President of our country. As we transition to our new President Donald Trump, virtually everyone felt inspired to give their own farewell rendition to President Obama via social media. No big deal, right? Well, Drake must have missed the memo that saying farewell to arguably one of the most beloved Presidents is more about Barack and the first family and not so much about him. He went on instagram to bid adieu to the Obama family saying:


Was it an ill timed meme? Possibly. Twitter definitely thought Drake was out of line. See below:

Well that went “0 -100” real quick! Not everything Drizzy touches turns to gold. This Instagram post is definitely a reflection of that. Clearly his message was meant to be a playful way to say goodbye but when it comes to Barack Obama, putting on a fake beard and haircut may not be the way to do it.

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