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Top 10 Pop Punk Albums of 2016

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Our lord and savior Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted earlier this year, “my mission for 2016? to destroy the phrase ‘pop-punk’ forever.” It was a shocking sentiment from the Green Day frontman, given how close some of his lifelong tourmates are to the genre. New Found Glory, blink-182, and some would even say Green Day themselves have all been shelved as pop-punk at one time or another. So when did it become such a bad word? Perhaps that has to do with where pop-punk has been in the past decade and a half. 

Some would say pop-punk died with the ’00s . Others say it hasn’t been around since the original line up of Taking Back Sunday. Or it hasn’t been good since the Golden Age of Drive-Thru Records. Pop-punk may have faded from favor, but the genre is anything but dead.

A recent crop of new bands that have been self-identifying proudly as pop-punk suggests that perhaps now in 2016 the genre is about to see a revival. The enthusiasm of these musicians is evidence that pop-punk is doing just fine. There’s even a t-shirt that says so. So go have a V8, Billie Joe. Here are our ten favorite pop-punk albums from 2016 that prove the genre is alive and well (oh, and you can download them all for free and listen without wi-fi on the Trebel app):


10. Blush by Moose Blood

“I couldn’t tell you that I wanted you but I wanted to.” – “Knuckles”


9. Double Dare by Waterparks

“My influx of emotions got me feeling in slow motion like I’m saturated, cold and calm and maybe like I’m all too much” – “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”


8. Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through by Trashboat

“I know it’s desperate but I see you on every stranger’s face” – “Strangers”


7. Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes

“When you saved my life, did you know you would take your own?” – “Chlorine”


6. Distant Like You Asked by Like Pacific

“And oh I should have known that I was never alone” – “Recovery”


5. Dogs by Something More

“I could see you through the door lying on the floor on the phone Face-timing all your famous friends, telling them this city is dead and you’ll never make it.” – “All My Best Friends Are Dogs”


4. Yellowcard by Yellowcard

“No safety in illusions of a place where you belonged so take hold of me and hang on ’til the hurt is gone” – “The Hurt Is Gone”


3. What We’re Missing by Grayscale

“It’s not so hard to forget when your mind’s as wicked as it is” – “Palate”


2. Better Weather With Confidence

“And I know that you’re holding out for better weather” – “Voldemort”


1. California by blink-182

“We tumble through the night, we burn so bright / we’re teenage satellites” – “Teenage Satellites”

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