The Virginmarys Talk Their Upcoming Tour, Rocky, and Staying Genuine with Trebel

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The Virginmarys are a three-piece rock band from Macclesfield, England, comprised of Ally Dickaty, Danny Dolan, and Matt Rose. They describe their genre as “energetic rock and roll,” with punk and grunge influences. The band’s British rock sound is reminiscent of AC/DC, The Clash, and Billy Talent.

Trebel Music got to speak with Ally Dickaty about his favourite moments on tour, what the band is hoping to accomplish in 2016, and about his hopes for the direction of the music industry.

Trebel Music: From your previous US tours, where was your favorite venue to play at and what made it so enjoyable?
Ally Dickaty: That’s a really difficult question. We’ve been all around, obviously we really loved New York, we played at Webster Hall. We played at the House of Blues in New Orleans, that was incredible. Obviously the Viper Room in LA. But to actually pick one, that’s incredibly difficult, I would have to go with New Orleans, but I really don’t know.

TM: What’s been your favorite memory with the band so far?
AD: We were in Philadelphia and I’m a big fan of the Rocky films. I got to run up the steps. And that was incredible, that was like a childhood dream.

TM: That’s awesome and must have been a lot of fun. Were the other guys in the band kind of like “what is he doing” or were they also pretty excited about it?
AD: I think that they were following up behind and I think there was someone filming it on a GoPro. It was amazing. It was just one of those surreal moments.

TM: Speaking of surreal experiences, is there a band or artist, dead or alive, that you would want to sit down and play or write music with?
AD: I think I would pick a really obvious one, being John Lennon. I’m a real massive Beatles fan. He’s kind of like David Bowie in the sense that he’s always kind of kept his edge. I think he would still be creating really artistic and innovative work. I think to get to sit down in a room and start writing something with John Lennon would be mad. I also think you’d struggle to name anyone cool that kept their integrity throughout their career like David Bowie. He’s always been so respectful, never went off the boil, always kept it contemporary.  I think if it was a jam session I’d probably want to play guitar with Jimi Hendrix. Neil Young would be another one that I would love to write with.

TM: It seems like keeping your integrity as an artist is really important to you. With David Bowie or John Lennon, you kind of referred to them keeping their “edge.” By that do you mean their values?
A: I think that musicians face the danger of having to work at it much longer to even get their work out there. Once they’ve kind of got their foot in the door and they’ve released an album or two, there’s a danger of becoming a bit formulaic. They think “well this sells,” and they start writing what they think the radio will like and the general public will want, instead of writing something that they feel themselves. I think that should always be first and foremost, you need to standby each piece of work that you write and that it’s really got a place and it’s going to take music somewhere else rather than sort of getting lost. Sadly, a lot of music now doesn’t cut through or really talk about much.

TM: So for The Virginmarys specifically, what are your goals for 2016? What are you guys really looking to accomplish this year?
AD: We really believe in this album that we’ve just recorded. We hope that it really makes a difference and cuts through everything else that’s out there at the minute. At the very least, I think you’ll listen to it and think “well, these three guys really mean it.” It’s not a watered down sound, it’s really to the point and urgent and we hope to be successful with that.

TM: You have more of an abrasive sound, in a good way, where it kind of grips the listener and you can tell it comes from a genuine place.
AD: Yea, that’s the intention, to just continue with that. We want to always stay true to ourselves and always be happy with what we’re doing and feel that what we’re doing is always relevant, and to us that’s success really. Hopefully the more music that gets out there that is like that can inspire the kids growing up to write something meaningful as well.

TM: What can fans expect when they come to your shows? Especially with this West Coast tour coming up in March, what’s the atmosphere like?
AD: It’s really full on and intense. We try and make each show the best we’ve ever done. We put quite a bit of pressure on ourselves by saying that. We really appreciate the fans so much, we have a really strong and loyal fan base, which is why I think we push ourselves so hard. It’s just going to be full of passion and energy really. Not going to be something that you’re bored by. It’s all about the fans and we’re going to continue what we’re doing and always have the same energy and passion we started with.

The Virginmarys are currently signed to Wind-Up Records and will be releasing their new album Divides under the label on May 6th. Two promotional singles have already been released and The Virginmarys will be touring the West Coast through the first two weeks of March. The band recently released a music video for their single “Into Dust,” featured below. These English rockers are looking to make waves in the music world and are definitely a band you don’t want to sleep on.

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