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The Biggest Snubs at the 2017 Grammys

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Sunday’s Grammy Awards definitely had its moments, from awesome live performances to triumphant wins for some artists who definitely deserve a trophy. In fact, by and large, this seemed like the year when they got most things right for once. But where’s the fun in a positive awards show post? Days later, it’s not the justified recognitions that ring in our heads, right? These are the biggest snubs that occurred at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

1) Beyonce Gets Shut Out 

Look, there’s a good chance that by the time you read these words the world has already been ravaged by a livid BeyHive. And while their…spirit can sometimes be a little eye-rolling, even the biggest Beyonce skeptic has to admit that it’s a little weird that she wound up taking so few awards home after an undeniably huge year with Lemonade. Going head-to-head with Recording Academy-favorite Adele probably was one of the biggest factors. And maybe the fact that she led the pack with nine nominations meant that she had the most to lose, but when she doesn’t even win for Best Music Film, something seems awry.

2) Anderson .Paak Loses Best New Artist 

The Best New Artist category can often be something of a misnomer anyway (half of the artists who are usually nominated are far from “new”), and this year it seemed like a particularly stacked group, with some real heavy-hitters. Still, though no one can argue that Chance the Rapper had an incredible year, it seemed obvious that Anderson .Paak should take the title, as one could argue that the range of his success from relative obscurity was far greater than anyone else he was pitted against.


3) Radiohead’s Best Album In Years Gets No Love

It’s probably naive to think that Radiohead – a band that has never really seemed to care to play to the politics of the music industry – would get much love from the Grammys. But A Moon Shaped Pool was easily one of the best records of the year and definitely a stronger effort from the band than they’ve had in the last few go-rounds. Going up against a deceased icon like David Bowie certainly didn’t help Thom Yorke and the gang out, either. Which leads into the next point…


4) Let’s Talk About the Rock Genres 

Alright, this is less of a snub and more of a call for clarity when it comes to the messy “rock” categorizations that the Grammys find on their hands in the present-day. We all know that rock music as we know it is no longer at the forefront of popular music like it may have been, say, 25 years ago; but some of the groupings this year were just puzzling. For instance, the nominees for Best Rock Performance included Disturbed, Alabama Shakes, David Bowie, Beyonce, and Twenty One Pilots – and two of those entries were from live television performances. Furthermore, it then seems odd for Bowie – who won in the aforementioned category – to also be nominated for Best Alternative Album, yet not Best Rock Album. Again, we get it, rock ain’t what it used to be – but let’s maybe try to think this through a little better next time?


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