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The Best Lyrics From Drake’s “More Life”

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On Drake’s highly anticipated playlist More Life, he delivers 22 songs with lyrics and punchlines that can resonate with all of us. At this point, it’s inevitable that these lyrics will ultimately take over social media in the form of Instagram captions and tweets across the world. Here’s a list of some of the best quotes on More Life.

1. “Free Smoke”: Kicking the playlist off with “Free Smoke,” a transparent declaration of his growth from when he was an unknown artist to his superstar status, Drake revisits his past while painting a picture of his present.

“We ain’t even have a tour bus/ Girls wouldn’t even think of recordin’ me/ I fall asleep in sororities/ I had some different priorities/ Weezy had all the authority/ Women I like was ignorin’ me/ Now they like, “Aren’t you adorable?”/ I know the question rhetorical/ I took the team plane from Oracle


2.  “Gyalchester”: On this track, Drake takes his bravado up a notch and speaks candidly about his place in hip hop right now. While his influence is obvious, he wants to make it known that he’s no longer a part of the conversation but rather –  the only conversation.

“I’m never washed, but I’m not new/ I know I said top five, but I’m top two/ And I’m not two and I got one/Thought you had one, but it’s not one”

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3.  “Can’t Have Everything”: Drake also talk his label woes with Young Money/Cash Money. Though he’s not directly involved with the long time feud between Birdman and Lil Wayne, it does impact his career to an extent.

“Damn, I must be coachin’, ’cause I’m not playin’ with them/ Can you not see the difference?/ I mean, I keep the fuckin’ lights on in the buildin’/ Man, my record deal should be 500 million, goddamn”


4.  “Lose You”: Drake confirms his reconciliation with The Weeknd in a song and touches on being in a place where they understand their camaraderie is bigger than them.

“Queen Street visions that nobody believed in/ If we not on the charts, my XO boys eatin’/ Fifty-two consecutive weekends, shout out to Weeknd/ The city gets stronger when everybody is speakin’/ Not when everybody out here beefin/ We got it, now we just gotta keep it”

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5. “Do Not Disturb”: The final track on More Life is a no frills, bar-heavy song where Drake takes his last swings at anything he’s missed previously throughout the playlist. One of the most interesting parts is rumored to be a direct diss to fellow Toronto artist Tory Lanez, or also known by his real name Daystar Peterson:

“If we do a song it’s like takin’ my kids to work with me/ You overnight celebrity, you one day star/ Swear I Told You that I’m in this for eternity/ I am a reflection of all of your insecurities / Behind closed doors, a lot of 6 God worshipping”

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