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The 9 Best Songs By John Mayer

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John Mayer has been busting out great tunes since the beginning of the millennium. He’s dabbled in different genres ranging from pop, to rock, to folk, and more. He hasn’t always been solo either. He’s released a live album with his band John Mayer Trio and is currently touring with Dead and Company, a band made up of former Grateful Dead members and Mayer himself. The sometimes outspoken, but always talented John Mayer finds a way to transform his life experiences into song and gets audiences singing along the way. Here is Trebel’s list of The 9 Best Songs by John Mayer:

1. In Repair

In Repair is a track off of Mayer’s third studio album Continuum. This song beautifully details his struggle to mend his heart. Mayer brings the song to a hopeful ending when he sings, “I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there.”

2. Wildfire

Off of his most recent album, Paradise Valley, John Mayer delivers with this summer campfire hit. This song kicks off Paradise Valley, and sets the tone for the rest of this folk-inspired album. “Wildfire” is a must-add for all of your summer road trip playlists.

3. No Such Thing

This song started it all for Mayer. “No Such Thing” was the lead single of his debut album Room For Squares. It struck a chord with recent graduates and millennials who could relate to Mayer’s  lyrics.  In 2002 he had the world chanting, “I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world, just a lie you got to rise above.”

4. Queen of California

Born and Raised, Mayer’s fifth studio album, served as a rebirth of his musical style. The single, “Queen of California,” kicks off the album and invites us in to Mayer’s curious mind. The song ends with one of Mayer’s famous guitar solos, this one though, a little on the mellow side which reflected his newly-found simplicity.

5. Heartbreak Warfare

Album four, Battle Studies, gave us “Heartbreak Warfare.” Mayer’s beautiful and metaphorical lyrics bring us through a broken relationship that he was dealing with. At this time, Mayer was at his peak of celebrity, and this song prompted loads of speculation on who it could be about.


6. Daughters

With “Daughters”, Mayer received the Grammy for Song of the Year in 2005. Funny enough, Mayer didn’t even want this song to be a single on Heavier Things. He had to be convinced by his label to make it one of the singles. When accepting the Grammy he said, “I want to thank a bunch of people who told me this song was good for people to hear when I thought it probably wasn’t.”

7. Your Body is a Wonderland

Mayer hooked fans in with “No Such Thing” then made them swoon with “Your Body is a Wonderland.” The second single off of his debut album turned Mayer into a full blown sex symbol. Not to mention, the song won him his first Grammy.

8. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” was instantly Mayer’s most painfully beautiful song when Continuum was released in 2006. The title alone describes a hopeless love, that is accompanied by Mayer’s crying guitar solos.

9. Why Georgia

Whenever Mayer begins the acoustic intro to this song at his shows, the crowd goes wild. While “Why Georgia” may not have been his biggest commercial success, his fans find a special connection to this song. Mayer’s tribute song to the state that kicked off his career has become the anthem for his long-time fans who have followed him throughout his entire musical journey.

Catch John Mayer this summer on tour with his band Dead and Company and look out for a new album from him which he has said is in the works. Until then, listen to some of these Mayer songs on the Trebel Music app here. Follow Trebel Music on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more articles and music news.

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