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The 10 Best Rihanna Songs Ever

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At just 28 years old, Rihanna has become a fixture in the music industry. Her catalog speaks for itself, having garnered 12 Billboard Awards, 8 Grammys and a nation full of faithful fans that know Riri can do no wrong. Her impact on culture and music is one that can not be ignored and while she proves time and time again her career trajectory will eventually evolve to legendary status, she shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s a list of her best songs ever, and don’t forget you can download them all to your phone for free on the Trebel app:

10. “Umbrella” ft. Jay Z 

This infectious song was the one that really started her career and put her music at the forefront of the industry. It ruled the airways and gave us the first inklings that Rihanna was here to stay. Not to mention, screaming “ella, ella, AY, AY, AY” is always fun.


09. “Rehab”

“Rehab” was delivered early into Rihanna’s career and definitely didn’t get the credit it probably should have. This Justin Timberlake assisted track compares a toxic relationship to coping with a drug addiction and the inability to stop something you essentially can’t live without.


08. “Kiss it Better”

 It’s no secret, Rihanna’s sex appeal plays a major role in her superstar brand. On her latest album “Anti” she definitely channels her sensual side with this sexy slow ballad, coupled with racy lyrics and an even racier video to boot. One listen to the melody of the guitar and you’re instantly hooked.


07. “Take a Bow”

“Take a Bow” is the ultimate breakup song. It’s reminiscent of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” With a no nonsense attitude about being cheated on, it puts an empowering spin on the receiving end of cheating and was really the start of Rihanna championing empowering women in her music.


06. “We Found Love” 

This Calvin Harris collaboration took festivals and dance parties by storm. This new sound of fun electro-pop was the start of an onslaught of dance music during 2011. Rihanna’s care-free delivery amplified the sound making it the ear worm you can never get out of your head.


05. “Get it Over With”

 This is probably one of my favorite songs Rihanna’s ever done. With smooth melodies and heavy strings, it sounds like what a rainy day in Los Angeles feels like. Other artists have taken notice of the smooth tune, Young Thug even sampled the intro it in his own rendition on “RiRi” a song from his Jeffery Mixtape.


04. “Diamonds”

This is the definition of a power ballad. “Diamonds” is one of Rihanna’s most personal songs as it’s dedicated to her late grandmother who she’s admitted to being a huge inspiration in her own career. What’s so special about “Diamonds” is how easily it rolls off the tongue, making it a very well written song.


03. “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” ft. Eminem

Of all the catchiest choruses Rihanna has given us, this by far stands above the rest. The chorus alone on this track is larger than life. While it’s mainstream success could largely be attributed to Eminem’s own rendition featuring Rihanna, she delivered the track on her album Loud with a feature by Eminem, instead of the other way around.


02. “FourFiveSeconds”

Though this song doesn’t live on any of her albums, this debut shows off a new growth in her sound with stripped down vocals and a raspy finish. Not to mention, any time Kanye and Rihanna are on the same track, fireworks are inevitable. Sir Paul McCartney’s guitar is the perfect addition to a track that paints a picture of getting to your absolute breaking point. Whether it’s a job, a relationship or a friendship we all can relate to being four, five seconds away from losing it.  

01. “Work” ft. Drake

If this comes as a surprise to no one that’s because it shouldn’t. While some artists usually have their “best songs” earlier in their careers, Rihanna is getting better as time passes. Not only is “Work” Rihanna’s longest charting song, it sounds the most authentic to her own culture that she’s never shied away from expressing love for. The Caribbean sound, lyrics and overall feel just projects a completely natural authenticity you can’t recreate. Obviously you can’t ignore another superstar on this track with Drake, but Rihanna’s delivery of being a scorned lover looking to move on made this track jump of the charts.

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