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This year’s Grammy Awards confirmed what so many fans already knew – Chance the Rapper is one of the brightest and most promising new names in hip hop. Beyond his own proper projects, Chicago’s hometown hero has also built his reputation through his show-stealing guest appearances. Here are the 10 best Chance the Rapper features:

1) Kanye West “Ultralight Beam” (featuring The Dream, Kelly Price, Kirk Franklin, and Chance the Rapper)

Talk about a show-stealer. Kanye West featured Chance on the opening track to his highly-anticipated The Life of Pablo last year, and the song’s sparse aesthetic and gospel-leaning vibes play directly to Chano’s strengths. “Ultralight Beam” represented a seismic shift in Chance’s career trajectory, easily forecasting the great critical acclaim he would go on to achieve within the following 365 days.


2)  ProbCause “Three Course Meal” (featuring Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper)

Backed by heavy stomping drums and wailing rock guitars, the three rappers trade impressive verses – but there’s a reason that Chance went last. With bars like “Who’s outside your window? Chano smokin’ a menthol/Painted caddie, a rental, ice-pick pad and a pencil,” the then-20-year-old wunderkind proved that he was a force to be reckoned with.


3) SZA “Child’s Play” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 

A great rapper can channel their personality into any type of song. Case in point: the hazy, chilled-out vibes that SZA specializes in might be daunting for some emcees, but Chano seamlessly sweeps in and adds his own flavor without rocking the boat too hard.


4) Kehlani “The Way” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 


Chance and Kehlani first worked together when she contributed backing vocals to his band the Social Experiment’s Valentine’s Day jam “Lady Friend.” He returned the favor by dropping a verse on her single, in which the two share their views on the crazy ups and downs that come with being in a romantic relationship.


5) John Legend “Penthouse Floor” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 

First of all, let’s acknowledge the greatness in opening a verse with a frickin’ knock-knock joke. Outside of that novelty, Chance adds an effortlessly charismatic and melodic vocal performance over the funky groove of this John Legend track that makes him sound right at home with the soul singer.


6) Action Bronson “Baby Blue” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 

Chance and Action Bronson have also teamed up for the latter’s breakup anthem “Baby Blue,” in which Chano dedicates his verse to a litany of ill wishes to his ex. It sounds mean-spirited, but it’s hard not to laugh at lyrics like “I hope the zipper on your jacket get stuck and your headphones short/and your charger don’t work, and you spill shit on your shirt.”


7) Rapsody “Lonely Thoughts” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 

Over a smooth and hypnotic track, Rapsody and Chance flex their pen skills with some truly dizzying verses. Still, the highlight here is that after eating up the microphone, Chance also incorporates an unplanned beep from his cell phone into the end of his verse, freestyling “And you can tell I rapped this off my phone/Cause you can hear that ringtone in the background but I’m in the zone.”


8) Busta Rhymes “Hello” (featuring Chance the Rapper)

Busta Rhymes has built his career off of jaw-dropping, show-stealing guest verses. So for him to pass the baton to Chance the Rapper to get his own opportunity to shine on someone else’s track must have been pretty nerve-racking for the young rapper. Nonetheless, one listen to this mixtape track shows why any fretting that might have existed in Chano’s mind was completely unnecessary, as he rips through a self-admitted “long ass verse.”


9) Lil Wayne “You Song” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 


But Busta hasn’t been the only daunting collaboration that Chance has fearlessly dived into and come out unscathed. On this Dedication 5 banger, Chano stunts with the master of verbal ferocity, Lil Wayne. This verse is packed with highlights, including “Coffee brown as the bosom I flew in on/Nose round like the wheels that my rims spin on/Lips full like the light on the dash was flickin’/Oh wait it wasn’t/Oh and I forgot I’ll take a microwaver oven/So we could kick the butler out and we can make a muffin/Maybe bake a dozen.”

10) James Blake “Life Round Here” (featuring Chance the Rapper) 

Far from just a rapper’s rapper, Chance feels equally comfortable singing and rapping on the dark electronic vibes of James Blake’s “Life Round Here” remix. We could definitely use some more songs from this dynamic duo.

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