Taylor Swift Is The Queen Of Tour Revenue In 2016

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Hate her for the on and off discrepancies that she may have had with Kanye and Kim this year, or genuinely love her for her artistic brilliance — she is the Queen of music when it comes to revenue.  Taylor Swift has dominated the music industry this year when it comes to earnings. According to Forbes, Taylor’s 1989 world tour pretty much blew everyone else out of the water. Earning $170 million this year from the tour alone has put her in a league all by herself (second place runner-up was One Direction earning $110 million).

So what is the formula that makes Taylor so different and compelling in the music world today?

The very moment Taylor’s career began she maintained a core dedicated audience of predominantly women who felt their voices and emotions were not being taken seriously in the dating world. Starting off as a country singer and transitioning to a more pop-singer persona expanded her audience tremendously. With songs such as “Bad Blood feat Kendrick Lamar” and the upbeat/uplifting “Shake It Off,” Taylor simply understood how to divulge herself as a relatable individual to the general masses in her music.

Despite the overall decline of revenue in mainstream music as a whole, Taylor’s major niche that I believe makes her unique is how she structures her concerts. Her intuitive and genuine love for her fans is incomparable. From special pizza parties to personal meetups after concerts, Taylor is not just a performer but a fan enthusiast. Mix in the big name artists (and even athletes in certain cities) that accompany her and you have a recipe for consistent sold out shows.

Overall, this has been a tremendous year for Taylor and the future looks just as bright. With her 1989 world tour now in the history books, it is understandable that she takes a personal break for herself. Congratulations on a successful year Taylor! We look forward to seeing what you come up with next as a musician and as a positive role model.

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