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Rip music from Youtube? Here’s an easier way

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TLDR: Trebel makes Youtube ripping obsolete with one-touch downloads that can be listened to offline on your phone. Get it here.

When it comes to the current state of music consumption, college students have emerged as experts in the field. They know how to get the music they love, often times at no cost at all.  Trebel Music, the app behind this blog, quietly but smartly released their new music app on college campuses last week, and it makes Youtube ripping look so 2010.

Trebel is designed to give students who don’t want to pay for music a better platform for listening to their favorite tunes on their phones.

In a nutshell, Trebel lets users listen, download and play music offline, with no data charges, for free.


In developing the app, the folks at Trebel looked into how college students get their music and discovered that many of them still “rip” from Youtube converter sites, or torrent music outright.  For this computer-savvy crop, the process is often a painful one that involves several steps: (1) searching for music videos on Youtube; (2) pasting the Youtube URL into an MP3 converter site; (3) waiting for the MP3 file to convert and (4) loading those files onto their computers and phones (assuming they have enough storage space).

With it’s one-touch downloads, Trebel saves students from the work of ripping music themselves while offering higher quality song files for free.

Unlimited storage capacity is also a crucial feature of Trebel.  The app is engineered for users to download an endless amount of music without ever running out of phone space.

To be fair, Trebel is still in its early stages and has some imperfections (for example, the app is aimed mostly around popular music and is working on building up its song catalog).  But does it beat the hassle of ripping?  No doubt.  If you’re one of the folks getting your music off Youtube, stop wasting your time and give Trebel a try here.

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