Remembering Prince: A Few of His Best Moments

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Prince is undoubtably one of the most influential artists of the 20th and 21st century. The virtuoso multi-instrumentalist was an innovator and released over 39 studio albums, establishing himself as a cultural icon. The pioneer of the ‘Minneapolis Sound’ defined himself as a true original, with larger-than-life fashion statements and a vivacious stage presence. As fans from around the world mourn Prince’s unexpected passing, we look to shine a light on some of his best moments.

1. When He Released his self-titled album (1979)


Prince is the first Prince record I ever heard and one of my favorites of all time. The work set the tone for his career. Through this album, The Purple One displays his virtuosity by playing every instrument’s part with confidence and ease. One of his first hits, “I Wanna Be You Your Lover” was made famous through this album.

2. When he performed on the Arsenio Hall Show (2014)

Prince doesn’t always like to make television appearances- but when he does, he leaves it all on the stage. The virtuoso’s high level of musicality is undeniable after hearing him shred over “She’s Always In My Hair”. See it to believe it!

3. When he described his music for Larry King on CNN (1999)

Prince’s music can be described in many different ways but the one word he chooses may surprise you.

4. And explained the changing of his name…

Not many artists can get away with changing their name to a symbol. The only one that comes to mind is Alt-J (∆). Prince explains the change was realized after searching deep within himself. He felt it was time to move forward.

5. When he performed during a downpour at Superbowl 41 (2007)

They said it hasn’t rained during a Superbowl in 40 years- good thing fate had another plan. The entire nation reached a new level of spirituality after watching Prince perform the halftime show at Superbowl 41, leading up to Prince’s performance of”Purple Rain” in a torrential downpour. If you missed it in 2007, the video will still give you chills.

6. When he won an Oscar for “Purple Rain” (1984)

7. Whenever he hit the stage…

Prince is one of the greatest live performers of all time.

8. When he got a little silly on ‘New Girl’…

9. And on ‘Muppets Tonight,’ singing “Starfish and Coffee”

He even made the Muppets soulful!

10. Finally, remember that time Chris Rock interviewed The Purple One?

Prince is the zeitgeist for contemporary pop music. His ability to constantly re-invent himself and forge forward is a feat few artists can achieve. His music touched so many listeners around the world and his legacy will live on through his songs. Thank you, Prince, for always being yourself and for inspiring all of us to dream bigger. 

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