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Remembering Christina Grimmie

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On June 10, the music world lost one of its brightest stars. Christina Grimmie, 22, of Marlton New Jersey who passed away after a shooting during her meet-and-greet with fans after her show. Grimmie had a huge following of over three million subscribers on Youtube, and gained national attention when she placed third on season six of The Voice.

Grimmie attended Cherokee High School in Marlton, New Jersey before moving to California to continue to pursue her music career. Her Youtube channel “zeldaxlove64” became a huge success, racking up millions of views on videos where she typically preformed covers of  popular songs. Her fans call themselves “Team Grimmie.”

One of Grimmie’s early Youtube videos

In 2014, Grimmie auditioned for season six of The Voice, and during the blind audition all four coaches turned their chairs around for her. She ultimately chose Adam Levine as her coach. Throughout the entire season she was a fan favorite. During the course of the competition, four of her studio recorded version of her preformances charted on the iTunes Top 10 most downloaded list. After placing in third overall, Grimmie continued to make music, tour, and record Youtube videos for her fans.

Christina Grime’s blind audition on The Voice

During her career, Grimmie wowed audiences from all over the world with her gift. But what the public eye didn’t alway see was the lasting impression she had on her hometown and her fans. Before her national fame, Grimmie preformed in her high school’s talent show, and singing competition “Cherokee Idol.” The people in Marlton, New Jersey who saw her preform in those early days knew she had a special gift. So of course, when Grimmie competed on The Voice, her town rallied behind her. Marlton residents threw watch parties for The Voice finale and took to social media to show their support. In 2014 she became a hometown hero that gave everyone in Marlton someone to root for.

Christina Grimmie also impacted the lives of her dedicated fans, “Team Grimmie.” Grimmie was a talented and well-known musician but never gave in to the hollywood image. Grimmie loved to play video games, she had her own sense of style, she was strong in her faith, she was introverted, and wasn’t afraid to embrace what made her different. Her fans resonated with that message. Her musical ability was undeniable, and she was able to truly be herself throughout her career which is what made her so special.

Grimmie had a warm and giving heart which was easy to see in her Youtube videos, her relationship with fans, and her charitable work. She worked closely with the Human Society of the United States, because she cared deeply about the lives of animals.

Grimmie passed away after doing what she loved, meeting and catching up with her fans. Her best friend, brother, and hero Marcus Grimmie has taken to Facebook to thank everyone for their love and support during this hard time. He encouraged everyone to share their favorite memories with his sister to his Facebook page. He also shared with his followers that his sister’s coach on The Voice, Adam Levine, will be paying for her funeral.

Last night, a candlelit vigil was held in her hometown of Marlton, New Jersey in her honor. Hundreds of friends, family, fans, classmates, and others gathered to remember her life. Speeches were made by the mayor of Marlton, pastors, her friends, and her brother Marcus. All of the speakers noted how strongly rooted Christina was in her faith, and how she was always spreading the message of the Lord. Marcus specifically thanked everyone for their generosity during this tough time. He mentioned the tragedy that happened in Orlando the day after Christina’s death where 50 people were killed at a gay night club in Orlando. He expressed how lucky he was to come back to New Jersey with so much love and support, and noted the victims of the mass shooting may not have that same experience. He ended his speech by pointing is hand to the sky and said, “my player 2.”

Christina Grimmie will live on through her family, friends, and fans. A tragedy took her from the world too soon, but her gift will live on forever. A gofundme account has been created by her management to help raise money for her family in their time of need and in just three days has already raised over $149,000. Her brother also shared a petition to have Christina be remembered in the next Zelda game, her favorite video game of all time.

To donate to her gofundme page click here.

To sign the petition to have Christina remembered in the next Zelda game click here.

Featured image obtained from Christina Grimmie’s Facebook fan page.

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