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No Love Lost Between Zayn Malik and One Direction

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When Zayn Malik sensationally announced that he would no longer be apart of One Direction, he sent shockwaves to millions of fans all over the world. At first, the reasoning for his departure was so he could be a “normal 22 year old” but he quickly denounced that sentiment by releasing his first solo project Mind of Mine that ultimately showcased he had his own sound that wasn’t going in the same direction (no pun intended) of his former group members. In an interview with Beats 1 Radio, Zayn admitted that he never really wanted to be in the band, he just joined because the opportunity presented itself.

Since then, One Direction has moved forward as a foursome and Zayn has had his own solo success (and a new supermodel girlfriend to boot). But there has always been an underlying tension that has spilled over publicly a few times. When the band stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’ show, they couldn’t help but awkwardly speak about Zayn’s sudden departure:

Zayn hasn’t held back from publicly speaking his mind about his former band members. Most recently winning New Artist of the Year at the AMA’s, he threw a quick but equally light hearted jab at the guys with his acceptance speech:

On social media the quip was met with mixed reviews. Some fans loved the subtle shade Zayn threw, feeling it was justified for the years he spent in a band singing music he never fully enjoyed. While others thought he should’ve shown more gratitude to his old bandmates as they helped give him the platform he has today. Whether you’re Team Zayn or Team 1D the fact of the matter is there are many layers to being in a boy band and even more so when the band breaks up. One Direction is still on a hiatus and there is no word whether Zayn is in the process of constructing a follow up album.  Regardless, as each counterpart continues to grow in their respective careers, the chances of crossing paths will be inevitable and so will the shade.

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