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Nicki Minaj’s 10 Best Guest Features

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Before Nicki Minaj became a household name, she was using guest verses to show fans who may not have been familiar with her music that she can hold her own with hip-hop elite. Fast forward seven years later, Nicki Minaj is a fiery fixture in hip-hop, period. As she continues to gear up for her fourth studio album, Nicki’s guest verses have become a part of her brand and another reason she’s so respected in the industry. Her ability to work with different artists will continue to grow her loyal legion of “barbs” and keep her atop of rap. See what her best guest verses are:

10. “Lil Freak” – Usher

“Lil Freak” was the first inkling of Nicki Minaj’s range. In her guest verse she not only manages to mention all of Santa’s reindeer, but she also keeps it sexy and straightforward, a perfect compliment to Usher’s song.


09. “My Chick bad” – Ludacris

With her signature pink hair in tow, Nicki channels her inner “Barbie” and goes off on Ludacris’ track. Paying homage to WNBA player (and Hall of Famer) Lisa Leslie, Nicki’s been championing female empowerment for years.


08. “Bottoms Up” – Trey Songz

A frequent collaborator of Songz, Nicki showed off her multiple rap personalities starting with fast pace bars, followed by some light singing and back to her commanding style. Her verse on “Bottoms Up” definitely gave the song an added layer of creativity.


07. “Love More” – Chris Brown

Nicki’s verse comes at the perfect moment of Chris Brown’s dance heavy song. These two have collaborated on a couple songs but “Love More” feels the most natural. Scaling back from theatrics, Nicki maintains the high standard of her bars and executes this verse with the confidence we all know she has.


06. “Dance A$$ (Remix) – Big Sean

Nicki’s assistance on Big Sean’s “Dance A$$” record is nothing short of cheerful vulgarity only she can create. There are Nicki verses where she’s so much better than the song she’s in and she knows it, and that’s the case here. Though her approach is playful, it’s still a very well delivered feature.


05. “Side to Side” – Ariana Grande

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande have a relationship that fans absolutely love. In this single, Nicki and Ariana show off their sexy side while they give a different twist to male and female gender roles.


04. “Beauty & A Beat”- Justin Bieber

This feature in particular came at an interesting time, as Nicki gave Justin Bieber some much needed street cred while she also crossed over to a mainstream audience. Plus she managed to work in the line “Buns out, wiener. But I got to keep an eye out for Selenar.” You just have to love Nicki for that.


03. “Make Me Proud” – Drake

One of Nicki’s most known features was on “Make Me Proud.” Though this isn’t the first collaboration between Drake and Nicki, it definitely is one of the strongest. While “Make Me Proud” didn’t make it to any Drake album officially, it still serves as a reminder of the chemistry these two have together.


02. “Flawless” – Beyonce

Speaking of chemistry, “Flawless” is the ultimate girl anthem and lived on air ways for months. This infectious song is the epitome of strength and girl power and really highlights what Nicki does best, empower women. It gets no better than Beyonce and Nicki Minaj on the same track.


01. “Monster” – Kanye West

Out of every Nicki verse, “Monster” was the one that introduced Nicki to the world. One of the most classic guest verses in hip-hop history, this packs every Minaj trademark in a 2 minute span. Even with the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z and Rick Ross, Nicki’s verse is arguably the strongest.

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