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New on Trebel: 5 Songs to Check Out This Week

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Every week we highlight 5 new buzzworthy releases to hit the Trebel catalog.  Download them all for free on the Trebel app and be sure to check back every week for a whole new slew of jams.  Here are our top picks for this week:


1. “Champagne Problems” by Nick Jonas














Maybe it’s just me, but seeing “Champagne” in a song title conjures images of the music video for Chris Rock’s spoken word 90’s gem “No Sex (in the Champagne Room).”  To be fair though, the two songs bear absolutely no resemblance.  The latest from baby Jonas is a bass-heavy, synth-driven zinger about gettin’ down with some chick in a club.  It’s poppy, it’s memorable, and while Jonas isn’t quite reinventing the wheel on this track, he sure knows how to spin it right.  Coming to a club near you.


2. “Castle (The Huntsman: Winter’s War Version)” by Halsey














Here in the Trebel camp, we love Halsey.  In fact, we’re obsessed with her.  She’s sultry, dark and delivers the kind of tunes that would make for a good shag soundtrack.  “Castle” was released last year, but this new version is a step forward for a song that wasn’t exactly begging for reinvention – and that’s a difficult thing to pull off.  Consider it the anthem to your next boogie in the bedroom.


3. “Boys & Girls” by ft. Pia Mia










If you were starting to wonder where the hell has been for the last minute, apparently he’s been tracking this summer’s Vegas pool party anthem, also known as “Boys & Girls.”  It’s as good as anything in his repertoire, but the real highlight is a chorus you won’t be able to shake.  Lest we forget that boys want to play with girls, and  girls want to play with boys.  Thanks, Mr. i.Am, for the reminder.


4. “Love is the Name” by Sofia Carson









Ok ok, so I hadn’t heard about about Sofia Carson before, but I can assure you I won’t forget her now.  “Love is the Name” is a mid-tempo jam peppered in Latin flavor that might just make me bust out some salsa moves if I hear it playing in public.  Think of it as J. Lo meets Selena Gomez.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ms. Carson creep to the top of the charts by year end.


5. “Call It What It Is” by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals















If rock is dead, nobody told Ben Harper.  Call It What It Is is a refreshingly simple and honest record led by the multi-instrumentalist Harper, whose ditties blur the lines between blues, reggae, gospel and funk.  The opener, “When Sex Was Dirty”, is a no frills, straightforward song that paves the way for a slew of drink-a-beer-with-your-buds numbers.  Rock purity at its finest.

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