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Nelly vs. Drake: The Twitter Debate

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It’s 2017, and Nelly is trending on Twitter, but not for a new song or album announcement. Instead, twitter erupted yesterday with a passionate debate about Nelly’s possible influence on Drake’s career (side note: you can download free music from both artists on the Trebel Music Downloader app). While the origin of this debate is still unknown, in the world of social media the “why is this happening” pales in comparison to the tweets that are trending worldwide. For the most part, the general conversation was gauging (and comparing) the success of two massively popular artists but Twitter took it a step further with completely polarizing views. Some people felt Nelly’s initial display of melody and singing on songs like “Country Grammar” and “Hot in Herre” made a way for Drake’s melodic flow that has shot him to the top of the charts, while others (mainly younger music fans) denounced any sort of influence from Nelly and consider him a “has been.” The great thing about all of this is the conversation sparked a debate between rap fans and heavy hitters in the music industry. Check out some tweets below:

Before there were album streams, tour merchandise, brand extensions and well…social media, the fact of the matter is people had to physically buy copies of music. Nelly is an artist that went Diamond (that’s Platinum 10 times over) in an industry where album sales were the greatest source of income. Yes, Drake is an artist that’s impact is really still in it’s prime, however the accessibility to music (and the music industry at large) is completely different. This may be one of those arguments where we may have to agree to disagree. Until then, keep your eyes open for the next debate.

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