Why Lil Dicky Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For Hip-Hop

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I was born and raised on hip-hop music and I don’t regret a single second of it. Contrary to popular belief (and even my own sometimes), hip-hop is more than just lyrics. The genre of music is more than just what you and I perceive from the outside looking in. It took a while for me to understand this fully. Nonetheless, most rappers that stick to the status quo script may have nothing else to talk about (or they cover whatever pays the bills).

I do not like having a playlist filled with rappers talking about “hoes, money, cars, clothes, drugs, guns, and jewelry.” Not only are those topics mundane, but they do not represent me nor a lifestyle that I would want to re-create in a dramatization.

Lil Dicky is the nerd version of hip-hop I wished existed when I was in high school. While hip-hop is a representation of culture, it does not necessitate a propagation of violence, getting the most “hoes” or showing off. Hip-Hop will always have a place in my heart (and iPod), but I could only imagine how better it would have been during my younger years to play Lil Dicky on repeat before and after classes.

At the beginning of the year I was beyond elated to see that he was inducted into the XXL Magazine Freshman Class of 2016. Lil Dicky is highly underestimated and deserves all of the recognition he garners.

We live in a society now that believes in a stereotype or social norm being the standard instead of individuality. When I press play on my Lil Dicky playlist, I hear a diverse selection of music and his overall perspective as an artist. His emotional side on the hot single “Molly” and his casual/laid back/nerdy personality traits on “Make Dat Money” are traits I relate to personally. Rappers today typically stick to a flashy lifestyle, which has become extremely boring as a listener.

In this day and age, being underestimated for being different is better than being put on a pedestal for being the same. As we unfortunately see in the world of hip-hop, many rappers are great for one hit song/summer club music. Within the next few moths you may hear your peers listening to their music, but barely remember the names of the artists.

With Lil Dicky being an independent artist, it is hard to tell with the fan base that he currently has. At the end of the day, up and coming rappers should look at Lil Dicky as inspiration to their own careers. Being a diverse hip-hop artist is not only better for their career, but better for the progression of hip-hop overall.

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