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Lady Gaga is Making Super Bowl History

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When you think of the NFL Super Bowl what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the hopes that your team makes it to the coveted game and possibly wins it all? Are you excited about the exclusive commercials? Or are you like me this year — you know that your team has no shot at competition for the championship so your focus is towards the entertainment elements of the event?

Pop music and fashion icon Lady Gaga will be making history in 2017 that some may just sweep under the rug as no big deal. For the first time in history, Lady Gaga will become an artist that has appeared in back-to-back performances as she is now on the ticket for Super Bowl 51.

During the benchmark Super Bowl 50 last year, Lady Gaga (in what could be considered her more conservative performances and attire) started the championship game by singing the National Anthem. Personally she has my favorite rendition of the anthem during the Super Bowl to date. In 2017, Lady Gaga will be headlining the halftime performance show. The announcement that was a bit of a rumor was finally confirmed once Lady Gaga released a tweet at the end of September.

For those who are not aware, Lady Gaga has been taking a bit of a step back from the eccentric, wild, and provocative music/fashion that many fans (and critics) are used to seeing. No meat dresses have been worn this year and no ensemble that requires multiple people within her team to literally stand by her side to make sure a wardrobe malfunction doesn’t happen. Instead, Lady Gaga has focused most of her energy on the amazing album Joanne she released last month.

Keeping the latter in mind, I am a bit curious as to what approach Lady Gaga will take during Super Bowl 51. Will we see the more soulful side of Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta… her real name and soulful music before the fame that she put into Joanne)? Or will we see performances of her old catalogue of songs?  I know one thing is for certain — I really hope she performs my favorite song of hers “Bad Romance” even if it is just a one minute clip.

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