KZ Dishes on “Kennesaw Girls” and New Music

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Keith Zadig, who goes by the name KZ when creating music, is one of the coolest people you’ll get the chance to talk to. In everything he does, KZ promotes his passionate beliefs, views, and straight positivity. So what does he do? KZ is a talented musician who creates instrumental music as well as writing original songs. Check out the laid back, chill vibe of his newest song on soundcloud, “You Know.”

I discovered KZ on soundcloud with his song “Kennesaw Girls” off his EP Not Afraid. The EP is full of fun and energetic songs, with positive messages behind all of them. When asked about the influences behind this album, KZ said, “The influence behind the Not Afraid EP was a change in my life. I will forever be the real me and not change that for anyone or anything.” Really, a quote like this sums up the person behind the music. Keith doesn’t try to be anyone else when he makes his music That authenticity comes through in his songs. He finds influence from the world around him; his family, friends, and relationship with God give him the motivation to write. His music is authentic, passionate, and the creation of someone who is talented, ambitious, and driven to make music.

Since his graduation from Kennesaw State University in December, Keith has been working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for company SalesLoft. That’s not all he does, as he also runs a budding clothing line called Chill Mode Fam. A movement that promotes the same positive messages that can be found in his music. He states that, “This is my way of connecting with my supporters around the world.” New Spring merchandise will be launching soon and can be found at his website:

What’s in store for the future of KZ? He doesn’t fully know. When asked, he stated, “Honestly, I’m not sure what the future holds because I’m experimenting a lot lately. I’ve been learning how to produce, recording singles, and just living my life through the music.” Whatever KZ decides to do, we know the music will be exciting, positive, and passionate.

Want more KZ? Check out his soundcloud page! Find more music on the Trebel app here.

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