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Get Haunted With The Japanese House

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Anyone in the dark on who The Japanese House are learned quick when The 1975 went on tour for their second album. As an opening act alongside Wolf Alice, The Japanese House have amplified their reach, gained access to venues they otherwise wouldn’t have had and haunted audiences.

The national touring gig stems from the fact that House and The 1975 are label mates on Dirty Hit Records. Matty Healy and George Daniel from the band are also co-producers.

The Japanese House have two EPs, Pools to Bathe In and Clean, respectively. The sound from twenty-something Amber Bain is a synth pop, haunting prose filled work of art. The gargle of vocals might remind some of Imogen Heap of “Hide and Seek” fame’s signature sound. Where Imogen Heap uses a harmonizer and vocoder, Bain simply uses layers to play multiple harmonies on top of one another.

In a interview with DIY Mag, Bain explained, “I’m a big fan of the Beach Boys and things like that. I always prefer melodies when they’re surrounded by other ones.”

The swell and space between each crash in The Japanese House’s music goes down like a Xanax and an upper at the same time, with confessional lyrics such as: “I’ll never give in / How could I applause you with all that she’s sinned? / She feels like hell and I now ’cause I’ve been.”

In a piece with Vice’s i-D, Bain revealed the history behind the name. When Bain was young on holiday in Devon, she cross-dressed as a young boy and caught the attention of a girl next door. The house she had stayed in was Kate Winslet’s and it was referred to as The Japanese House.

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