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Free Music Download: Star Wars Soundtracks – Episodes I-VII

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No need to take evasive action, but you better CONCENTRAAAAAAATE, because if you’re an old school Star Wars nerd like me, you probably love the soundtrack just as much as you love the movie. Actually if you’re really like me you’ve got the soundtrack playing in your head pretty much all the time. Prosaic events like delivering a monthly earnings report become infinitely more exciting when backdropped with a heart-pounding John Williams classic like “The Battle in the Snow” from The Empire Strikes Back. 

Which is why it is essential to always have the epic saga fanfare a click away. We’re excited to announce that Trebel Music now offers all seven Star Wars soundtracks for free download, including the newest installment of the Star Wars saga, Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  After you download the Trebel app, just tap the Get Music option in the tray and select New Releases, where you’ll find the soundtracks a few scrolls down the list.

In honor of this release, we present 3 upcoming events to appropriately employ John Williams’ epic Star Wars soundtracks for comedic or dramatic effect:

Inauguration Day – Imperial Death March from Empire

No Inauguration Drinking Game or sniffle-laden Oath of Office is complete without a healthy dose of foreboding “oh god, oh god, we’re all screwed” music in the background as the Sith Lord formally assumes power on January 20.

Steve Bannon is an outspoken fan of Darth Vader, though I think the president-elect gets that role. I see Bannon, Rush Limbaugh and Rex Tillerson as Jabba, Zorba, and Linda the Hutt. Jeff Sessions is Grand Moff Tarkin, gleefully wiping ‘liberal bastions’ and ‘sanctuary cities’ like San Francisco off the map with the push of a button. And for some reason, Ted Cruz as Emperor Palpatine just feels right.

When the Dark Side formally assumes power, I have no doubt this will get some serious airplay.

Jedi Prediction: The president-elect says “fatally execute” instead of “faithfully execute” in his Oath of Office, paying out big dividends if you took the John Roberts spit-take parley.

Super Bowl – Ewok Celebration (“Yub Nub”)

Regardless of who wins or loses the Super Bowl, your focus probably isn’t on the game itself, but on that block game, FanDuel, or multitude of prop bets you played with your frat brothers or office. However if you’re a fan of the Patriots, Chiefs, Cowboys, or Packers I think it’s safe to see you’ll be dancing the “Yub Nub” come February 5th.

Uber Jedi Prediction: Kansas City over Green Bay 37-30 in a satisfying rematch of Super Bowl I. But only because their defense is great and Tyreek Hill is really goddamn fast. Also Andy Reid is Wicket.

March Madness – Luke Skywalker Destroys Death Star I

No matter what happens, no matter whose bracket is how badly busted by the Belmonts, Butlers, and Bucknells of the world; and no matter which Cinderella story has managed to steal the spotlight, you can bet that there will be a bevy of moments where David gets to pin Goliath to the floor with a three pointer or incredible rebound and put-back bucket. When that happens, you’ll feel like turning on this heart-pounding underdog accompaniment and laughing in Grand Moff Tarkin’s ugly CGI face!

Ultimate Jedi Prediction: Virginia finally gets their long-awaited first NCAA championship with London Perrantes dodging a desperation kick from Grayson Allen to launch a trey as time expires, propelling the defensive-minded Cavaliers to a thrilling 27-24 double overtime victory over Duke.

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