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Future’s “HNDRXX” Proves He’s a Superstar

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It seemed like things would be business as usual when Future released his self titled album, Future, in mid-February. His ability to tap into trap music with distinct cadences that resonate in people’s ear drums is what Future’s sound has been best known for. However, it was his follow up album HNDRXX released exactly one week after his first album that eclipsed the impressive work ethic and looks to propel Future into the superstar he’s always shown he had the potential to be.

Undoubtedly, the Atlanta rapper has come a long way. Getting his biggest break when Drake hopped on “Tony Montana” and gave Future the audience he had been trying to reach through the mixtape circuit for years. Since then, Future has hit a musical stride that unequivocally keeps him at the pulse of hip-hop. With his latest album HNDRXX, Future wastes no time to address his truest feelings that he has never publicly divulged regarding his strained relationship with Ciara, regret of his past decisions and his new life as a celebrity that ultimately fuels his drug use to seek solace. On songs like “Coming Out Strong” featuring another dark crooner in The Weeknd, Future shows off his ability to utilize melody to create a story beyond his normal scope.

Showing off his musically range in other songs like “Selfish” featuring Rihanna, Future is positioning himself to tap into other genres beyond hip-hop. Essentially HNDRXX is a soulful mixture of r&b tones and rap elements. Fans have already taken to the internet to prove they love where Future is musically:

HNDRXX is a complete album. Deeper sonically, lyrically and gives a vulnerability that no one has ever seen from Future. With both albums under his belt and set to debut at both No. 1 and 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Future is gearing up for one of the biggest years in his career beyond hip-hop.

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