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Is Frank Ocean Coming Back?

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Christopher Francis Ocean, the humble rapper who tapped into our mental sweet spots, could be back after a 4 year long disappearance. Since his 2012 debut album, Channel Orange, the rapper as had little to say about upcoming projects and rarely submerged his thoughts on social media, leaving us in the dark. So could he really be coming back?

In 2015 he announced an upcoming release of an album, rumored to be labeled Boys Don’t Cry. The album was promised to be released in July, but never saw the light of day, leaving us fans frustrated. The LA Times reported that, “The wait for a follow-up to his Grammy-winning 2012 major label debut, “Channel Orange,” appeared to be coming to an end over the spring when the R&B crooner told fans that new material would be forthcoming,” and the year ended, “in tears with no show, no album and no new release of any kind.”

So is 2016 the year we have all been waiting for? Frank Ocean reportedly has been back in the studio working with artists Rich the Kid and Wiz Khalifa. On January 6, 2016, Rich the Kid posted a screenshot of him and Frank Ocean face-timing in a recording studio, captioning it “Me X Frank Ocean…smh.” He then quickly deleted it after exciting many fans. You could see a repost here.

On January 7th of this year, Rich The Kid also tweeted, “Hope y’all ready.” This began causing a big buzz, since it was only a day after the FaceTime post.


Well, Mr. Frank Ocean, we’ve all been Thinkin Bout You, and are all crossing our fingers hoping for your resurrection. The collaboration with Rich The Kid could bring something new to the table and 2016 is the year to grab your headphones, because Frank Ocean is coming back.

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