Could Drake and Taylor Swift Be the Next Power Couple?

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When you think of possible celebrity couples do you find yourself being pretty good at matchmaking from afar? Admittedly, I have my moments of convincing myself I made the connection happen. Other times I am completely off the mark and continue to wish upon a star that two individuals take their friendship to the next level. Nonetheless, there is a new potential power couple in the world of music that I am quite excited about.

Taylor Swift and hip hop artist (who has his singing moments) Drake have been the topic of Twitter for the past few days. Per usual to fans on the outside — anytime their favorite celebrities are single and hanging out with another single celebrity, the hope of romance is instantly assumed. This year I have not seen any possible romantic couples that made me say “Yes, about time they are now a thing!” That is until now, because Taylor and Drake are two of my favorite music artists in their respective genres.

This speculation began during Drake’s 30th birthday party as reports circulated indicating Drake spending a substantial amount of time around Tay Tay.  Just check out the TMZ clip above.  To a man, introducing a woman to his mother can either be a simple introduction of a friend or a serious gesture to show “hey mom, here is my girlfriend… girlfriend, this is my mother.” To a woman, it is more on the end of the latter than a former (in general) no matter what the situation may be.

Both Taylor and Drake are pretty fresh out of their past relationships. Taylor dated actor Tom Hiddleston between last year.  Although there are slight rumors that the two may be re-igniting their relationship flame, Taylor is known for only giving relationships one shot and poof – that’s it. Drake’s quite confusing relationship with Rihanna seems to have ended this month even after professing his love to her at the VMAs this year.

The interesting thing about the Taylor and Drake pairing is that both are hopeless romantics that seem to keep finding love in all the wrong places. The two also display their passion for being romantic through their music. Of course, the jokes have already percolated that if they got together and broke up, the break up songs would be the absolute best. I prefer not to wish bad upon anyone (especially when it comes to relationships and possibly finding “the one”), but yeah, those songs would be dope with a capital “D.”

This seems like the unexpected match made in heaven no one even thought of in their wildest dreams. If there is any new celebrity romance news I want to see the year end on, I’ll place my bet on Drake and Taylor (or should I say #Drift?).

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