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DJ Khaled Has Huge Collaborations On the Way

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DJ Khaled shot himself into superstardom with his famous “Khaled-isms” on Snapchat. While the super producer has experienced viral success thanks to the social app, his real talent has always been his uncanny ability to bring together some of our favorite artists on one track. After coming off a huge 2016 that consisted of endorsement deals, touring with Beyonce, purchasing a $10 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion, and his ultimate accomplishment – the birth of his first child – it seems the infamous sufferer of success is up to something MAJOR (pun intended). DJ Khaled took to Instagram to basically tease everyone with all the potential artists he will be working with on his upcoming album. Never one to shy away from giving fans teasers of what’s to come, it’s starting to feel like DJ Khaled really has some major hits on the way. While we’ve grown accustomed to some of his frequent collaborators like Chris Brown, Drake, French Montana and Future, the best thing about these potential new collabs are that they would be the first time these artists grace a Khaled track.  See who he’s been working with in the studio so far below, and snag a free download of his song “Take It to the Head” featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj on the Trebel app.






It’s no secret DJ Khaled is the king of collaborations. The Miami native is usually known for delivering chart topping music that we all revisit summer after summer. If his Instagram posts are any sign of what’s to come, his next album (that he has yet to publicly title) should more than likely be his greatest thus far. It seems there is no shortage of star power and given the trajectory of his career as of late, so look for DJ Khaled to own 2017.

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