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Be a Music Contributor for Trebel

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Love music?  Want to be heard by a national audience?

Trebel Music, a free music download service offering offline play on mobile devices, is looking for high energy folks to write content pieces on music culture for the Trebel blog.  

The blog is a growing platform where contributors share the music issues that matter most to them with an engaged, national audience.  This is an excellent opportunity for music-minded individuals to gain experience, connect with music industry professionals and receive exposure for their work on a large scale.

Traits We’re Looking For:

  • Informed on music issues
  • Curiosity
  • Trend observer
  • Social media savvy
  • A knack for viral content
  • Prior experience as a writer is a plus

What’s In It For You?

As a contributor, your work will receive exposure to our growing audience of thousands of app users.  Your posts will include a link back to your pieces so you can show off all of the amazing things that you’re putting out.

On top of that, you’ll get:

  • Access to your favorite artists for interviews
  • Networking opportunities with music industry professionals
  • Letters of recommendation from the founders
  • Flexibility to publish whenever you feel like it
  • A distinguished line on your resume
  • Consideration for summer and full-time employment for top-performers
  • Financial compensation offered to those producing consistent, high-quality work

How To Get Involved:

Please email Corey Jones at [email protected] with a few concise sentences explaining what you envision your first post being about, what the format will be (op-ed, listicle, etc.), and why you think readers will share it.

Please also tell us briefly who you are and send any links to past work (if available) that will help us get a sense for your style.

Do You Pay?

We do have a paid contributor program.  Our policy is to migrate contributors to paid status after they have demonstrated an ability to consistently craft engaging and shareable content.

About Trebel:

Trebel Music is an iOS and Android app that is free like Pandora but allows users to download and listen to any song they want, when they want, and play the music offline. Our mission is to enable young people to enjoy music legally and on-demand while delivering superior compensation to the artist community. Trebel is a licensed service with music from Universal Music Group.


About Trebel Music

Trebel is the only free and major record label-licensed music download app for Android and iPhone that lets you listen to music offline – no WiFi connection needed.

Find more info and get the app at

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