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Are Justin Bieber & 2 Chainz Working On New Music?

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For artists, a new calendar year usually means new music is on its way. And given a few cryptic Instagram posts, in the coming months we may be getting a collision of two worlds with Justin Bieber and Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz (whose latest music you can download for free on the Trebel app). It’s no secret JB loves hip hop. His viral single “Baby” had a feature from another Atlanta rapper, Ludacris, and since then he’s worked with the likes of Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Chance the Rapper. But over the New Year’s break, 2 Chainz took to Instagram to tease fans with a possible collaboration:


2 Chainz has flown below the radar but actually is coming off a huge 2016. First he teamed up with Lil Wayne to deliver a joint project called Collegrove.  Then he released his latest mixtape Daniel Son, Necklace Don that features his Drake-assisted smash “Big Amount.” He topped off the year by handing out guest verses to just about every artist, including lending his voice to the Grammy-nominated song “No Problems” by Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. But his biggest collaboration may have been with the Biebs.

Speaking of the Biebs, if you’ve haven’t noticed, Justin Bieber has been notably M.I.A. from Instagram for a while. Ironically, the “What Do you Mean?” singer is scaling back his presence online in what looks like an attempt to keep a degree of privacy, if that’s even possible for a superstar that was found on social media to begin with. While Justin hasn’t publicly confirmed the collaboration, a mysterious picture of the two has surfaced on a new account run by his manager Scooter Braun’s company SB Projects:


Looks like Justin wasn’t kidding when he said he had no plans to return to the social media platform. Regardless of whether he decides to return to Instagram, his popularity is unscathed. A collaboration will just continue to propel his career into a new stratosphere, even for him.

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