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9 Reasons You Should Go to Temple University

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Philadelphia is the cornerstone city for historical richness, a thriving music community, tasty food, and great education. It is the home of The Liberty Bell, the cheesesteak, The Roots, and last but not least, Temple University. Temple is a thriving school in the City of Brotherly Love that is the home to students who embody the spirit of the city. If you are close to making your college decision and need some convincing, here are 9 reasons you should go to Temple University.

1. It’s on the Rise

Now is the best time to become a Temple Owl. This past year, Temple has risen 17 spots on 2016 Best Colleges rankings coming in at number 115 on the list. The numbers speak for themselves. If Temple keeps on this momentum, perhaps in 2017 they will be one of the top 100 schools in the nation.


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2. “Fly In 4”

It’s no secret that college can get expensive, and many times students get caught in extra semesters in order to graduate. Temple has created a plan to help make sure students earn their degree in four years. The “Fly in 4” program keeps students on track, to complete their degree in four years.

3. Its Thriving Sports Program

Just this year alone, Temple students have seen their football team reach a bowl game, become regular season conference champions, and host an ESPN College GameDay. Temple’s Men’s Basketball Team has also earned a regular season conference championship and earned a bid to the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Perhaps this is why Temple is ranked number 12 on the Best Basketball-Football Schools list.


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4. The Diversity

There is no “cookie cutter” Temple student. The rich diversity of the Temple student body is one thing that makes the school so special. The variety of students helps keep Temple University fresh and trailblazing forward.

5. The New Library

By 2018, Temple will boast a new state-of-the-art library for its students to study at.  The four-story library, that will go up right in the middle of campus, will provide students an environment to work and capitalize on their studies. It’s also visually beautiful as well.


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6. Its Relationship to Philadelphia

Temple students are hungry for experience and opportunity. The city of Philadelphia gives Temple students the opportunity to use their studies in real-world experiences in the city that is their temporary home. Temple loves Philadelphia just as much as Philadelphia loves Temple.

7. The Food

Let’s face it, college students care about food — a lot. Some of Temple’s on-campus options include: Chipotle, Tony Luke’s, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and Blaze Pizza. There are also countless and award-winning food trucks to stop at on the way to class. The possibilities are endless.

8. The Campus

Temple’s campus embodies the fast paced city of Philadelphia, but it also provides a spacious and beautiful landscape for students to explore. Temple is home to high-technology buildings and dorms, but also stretching green-space, and historical architecture.


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9. There’s Something for Everyone

With over 100 student organizations, a diverse student body, and endless academic opportunities, anyone can find their niche at Temple. You don’t have to change yourself for Temple, Temple will adjust to fit you.


Temple University provides a great home for all types of students. It is growing, modifying, and climbing the ranks in many different fields. A commitment to Temple University is a commitment to a bright future. For more insight on Temple University, keep up to date with Trebel Music and their Campus-Corner blogs.


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