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9 Great Songs Under 3 Minutes Long

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The average length of a song is somewhere around three and a half minutes long — just enough time to fit in two verses, two to three choruses and a bridge. However, some of the best songs are short, quick and to the point. They don’t follow the same cookie-cutter formula that owns the radio airwaves. If you are someone who enjoys sweet and succinct tunes, you may want to check out some of these tracks on Trebel Music’s “9 Great Songs Under 3 Minutes Long” playlist.


1. “Cool 2” by Hoops (Duration- 1:55)

Hoops is an indie pop band from Bloomington, Indiana. They have a knack for writing short and catchy songs, seeing as only one track on their 2016 release, Tape 3 exceeds three minutes.

2. “Blue Boy” by Mac Demarco (Duration- 2:06)

Quite possibly the king of the slacker rock genre, Mac Demarco never overthinks a song. “Blue Boy” is one of many examples of Demarco fitting his message into a short time span, and doing it oh so well.

3. “Higher” by Rihanna (Duration- 2:00)

In this track off of her 2016 album ANTI, Rihanna jam packs this 120 second song with more passion than any other track on her album. It’s the epitome of short, sweet, and to the point.

4. “Like Acid Rain” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Duration- 2:02)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra delivers their catchiest song off their 2015 release Multi Love with their track “Like Acid Rain.” It’s funky, punchy, and groovy all in just about two minutes.

5. “For Free?” by Kendrick Lamar (Duration- 2:11)

Kendrick Lamar’s grammy award winning album To Pimp a Butterfly is undeniably a masterpiece and it shows in this fast-paced, poetic, interlude track “For Free?” While this song is considered an interlude, it packs in more versus than today’s average-length rap song. See for yourself…

6. “Homesick” by Catfish and the Bottlemen (Duration- 2:28)

Catfish and the Bottlemen have had a festival-filled year, and this quick track is normally their lead off song on their setlist. For good reason! Although it’s short in duration, it’s great for getting their crowd warmed up and excited.

7. “I Love Kanye” by Kanye West (Duration- 0:44)

The king of having a lot to say manages to spit his message out in just 44 seconds in “I Love Kanye.” In the massively hyped The Life of Pablo, Kanye takes a detour here and keeps it simple. And it’s legendary.

8. “Ophelia” by The Lumineers (Duration- 2:40)

The Lumineers are back with their first album since 2013. The kick off single “Ophelia”, from their album Cleopatra, is an easy listen. In just under three minutes, you can get a quick taste of their new record.

9. “Just Tell Me” by Nico Yaryan (Duration- 2:42)

New west-coast artist Nico Yaryan has broken out into the indie music scene with his song “Just Tell Me.” His 2016 debut album What A Tease is full of songs under two minutes if you want to commit more time to this up-and-coming artist.

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