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9 Artists You Cannot Miss at Coachella This Year

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Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival is one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year, and their 2016 lineup offers concert-goers an experience like no other with top-charting artists combined with various under the radar musicians.

The festival is set to take place over the course of two weekends: April 15 to April 17 and April 22 to April 24. Over 150 artists will perform over the span of six days, calling forth music enthusiasts across the country to experience a show like no other. Although major names like Calvin Harris, LCD Soundsystem, and Guns N’ Roses will be calling fans out to California, there are dozens of other artists that are a must-see.


1. Halsey

After releasing Badlands in 2015, Halsey has been creating her own “hurricane” in the music scene. She has an eccentric sound, making her stand out amongst other pop artists and offers lyrics that are both intriguing and thought provoking. Her acclaimed single, Colors,” provides the lyrics: “You were red and you liked me because I was blue/You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky/And you decided purple just wasn’t for you.” Halsey is on track to becoming the best new artist of the year and is surely an act not to miss. Her latest singles include “New Americana,” “Hurricane,” “Ghost,” and “Hold Me Down.”

2. The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms, an indie/rock band from New Jersey, performs for a college-esque audience. The band set out on a 33 date tour in 2015 after releasing their latest album, entitled Back on Top. Their lyrics are relatable, touching on topics of sex, growing up, and partying. The Front Bottoms’ most popular singles include “Lipstick Covered Magnet,” “Au Revoir,” “Funny You Should Ask,” and “Twin Size Mattress.” While on tour, The Front Bottoms exude a constant, energy driven show, including the audience in their optimism.

3. Sia

Sia has been thrown into the top charts after her single, “Chandelier,” hit radio waves across the world. This modest artist, who typically hides her face at awards ceremonies, presents music that is the furthest from simple. She uses intense lyrics and thoughts to express her past experiences and struggles. Sia’s latest album, This is Acting, showcases her powerful abilities yet again, after her 2014 debut album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

4. Chvrches

A mix of electronic, alternative, and synthpop is combined to form Chvrches, a band originating in Scotland. Their album, The Bones of What You Believe, helped push the band out into the music world, receiving much praise. Chvrches returned with yet another studio album a year later, entitled Every Open Eye. Their songs are filled with upbeat background music and zesty vocals, inviting the listener in.

5. Zedd

EDM DJ and music producer, Zedd, released True Colors in 2015, and gathered fans across the world while on tour. Although the DJ is well known for hits “Clarity,” “Stay the Night,” “Addicted to a Memory,” and “Beautiful Now,” Zedd has dozens of other songs that are highly underrated. “Daisy,” “Done with Love,” and “Spectrum” are jam-worthy tunes with catchy hooks and beats. Zedd provides nothing but an overwhelmingly energetic show, hyping up the audience for each song’s drop.

6. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This indie folk band provides “feel good” music which spreads bliss and peaceful music to listeners. The beat is quirky, yet interesting to music lovers. The band will release their new album, Person A, on April 15, just in time for the festival. Fans have awaited new music since Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s released their self-titled album in 2013, setting the bar high.

7. The 1975

British alternative rock band, The 1975, have an indie vibe and aesthetic like no other. Their songs off of their 2013 self-titled album are catchy, upbeat, and entertaining. Top hits include “Sex,” “Heart Out,” and “Girls.” The 1975 will return from their three gap this month with a new album, entitled I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are so Beautiful Yet so Unaware of It. This new album will be released on Feb. 27 with 17 hot, new tracks.

8. Flume

The Australian electronic music producer, known as Flume, experiments with various different genres of music, including electronica, downtempo, and trip hop. Flume is original, and his unique sense of rhythm can be found in his music. Some unconventional yet interesting tracks include “Space Cadet,” “Sintra,” and his latest, “Some Minds.” If you’re new to the EDM scene, give Flume a listen.

9. Zella Day

Zella Day, an indie-pop singer, has glimpses of a Lana Del Rey sound in her music. Her vocals are soft and gentle, yet hypnotic and outlandish. She’s intriguing as she sings about love and relationships. Her latest album, Kicker, which was released last year, has a similar sound to her previous EPs, but still make her stand out in the indie scene.



See the full line-up:

Photo courtesy Coachella's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy Coachella’s Facebook page.



More information about the festival can be found here.




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