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The 7 Best Weezer Songs Named After Women

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Who knew that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was such a ladies man? Despite his geeky image (or perhaps because of it), the prolific songwriter has penned many a tune dedicated to the fairer sex. Here, we examine the best and the worst.

1. “Susanne”

A heart-on-the-sleeve ode to an A&R assistant at the band’s record label Geffen, this song features quintessential Blue Album-era production that really hits the sweet spot. With barbershop quartet harmonies and a soaring guitar solo, “Susanne” is easily the Weezer song that should be put into a time capsule to show future generations what the band was truly all about.

2. “Jamie”

Another b-side from the Blue Album, “Jamie” is an earnest 90s rock song about the band’s lawyer. It would seem as if Rivers Cuomo really had a thing for writing sweet-sounding declarations of love to his professional associates.

3. “Mykel and Carli”

This song (also from the era of the Blue Album – see a trend here?) was named after two sisters who ran Weezer’s first fan club and were tragically killed in a car accident. Strangely enough, this song was actually written, recorded, and released before this terrible series of events, making the song eerily prophetic – it’s difficult to hear the last chorus and not feel palatable pain and angst in Cuomo’s voice.

4. “Cleopatra”

Like many of the songs that occupy a space in the latter half of the Weezer catalog, it’s a little difficult to suss out what this song is exactly about. But like almost all of the album that it hails from (2014’s excellent Everything Will Be Alright in the End), it has a certain charm that is reminiscent of the first two classic albums in the band’s discography.

5. “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori”

Cuomo has revealed that this song is definitely not what you might think it’s about, but that doesn’t discredit its fun, summery vibe that defines the sound of 2016’s White Album. Of all songs listed here, this tune sits squarely in the middle of the band’s classic 90’s sound and irreverent, “anything goes” approach of their post-2000 material.

6. “Oh Lisa”

2001’s Green Album gets a lot of flak for having songs that are admittedly devoid of meaning, emotion, and dynamics, and this CD single b-side pretty much epitomizes that songwriting approach. Most Weezer fans heard this as a Napster-era MP3 download, and its subsequent super-compressed, noisy sound further solidifies this song’s lesser status – yet somehow also adds a nostalgic charm?

7. “Miss Sweeney”

This bonus cut from the weird and uneven Red Album from 2008 kind of works because of its anthemic chorus, but it’s marred by an unlistenable spoken-word-in-stiff-businessman-character voice in the verses. If you REALLY want to feel uncomfortably awkward, be sure you check out the performance art in-studio live performance the band did for AOL Sessions to promote the album, complete with a secretary actress and Cuomo singing at an office desk.

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