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7 Acts You’ve Gotta Check Out at Bonnaroo 2016

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Bonnaroo is one of the most anticipated American music festivals of the year. The event is known not only for recruiting highly accredited acts to perform, but also for enabling a diverse lineup of artists to appear on the same bill. This makes Bonnaroo like no other festival in the country. These are Trebel’s MUST SEE acts for Bonnaroo 2016:

1. Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam, Image via Facebook

Pearl Jam, Image via Facebook

Perhaps the most anticipated group to see at Bonnaroo this year is Pearl Jam. As one of the most popular Rock bands of the 90’s, Pearl Jam (like Nirvana and Sound Garden) is among the pioneers of Grunge with their rock anthems, “Even Flow” and “Alive”. Rock lovers don’t want to miss these gods of Grunge. Check out Pearl Jam’s music here.

2. Tame Impala

Tame Impala, Image Via Facebook

Tame Impala, Image Via Facebook

Psychedelic Rock band Tame Impala will leave a lasting impression on all who hear them live. The Australian group, lead by their lead singer Kevin Parker, hypnotizes their audience with spacey guitar parts, rich synthesizers, and a supreme level of musicality. Listen to their latest album Currents, along with the rest of their discography here.

3. Ellie Goulding

British pop icon, Ellie Goulding will be taking the stage at Bonnaroo as one of the premier headliners. With the success of her new record released in 2015, Dellirium, her performance seems very promising to say the least. She keeps her listeners on their feet, dancing to pulsing rhythms and catchy melodies. Treat yourself to Goulding’s music by downloading here.

4. Purity Ring

Purity Ring Image Via Facebook

Purity Ring Image by Landon Spears

Alternative duo Purity Ring composes a sound that can be appreciated by all millennials. Inspired by contemporary R&B and electronic music, PR creates a very chilled experience that will entrance their listeners with great depth, delicate vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Check out their latest work here.

5. Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat Image Via Facebook

Cashmere Cat Image By Jasmine Safaeian Via Facebook

Cashmere Cat is an up-and-coming electronic musician with a big appreciation for felines. Her lush, bouncy beats are sure to create an unforgettable environment at Bonnaroo this year. Her latest collaboration was with Ariana Grande in 2015 on a tune called “Adore”. Check out Cashmere Cat’s music here.

6. Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington Image via Facebook

Kamasi Washington Image via Facebook

Saxophone virtuoso, Kamasi Washington brings Jazz music to new levels. After taking Australia by storm, the LA native returns back to the U.S by demanding fans of Jazz and music lovers alike. His compositions are unforgettable, depicting melodic beauty and a freedom influenced by his avant-garde predecessors. To get familiar with the sound, check out his music here

7. The Internet

The Internet Image via Facebook

The Internet Image via Facebook

The Internet is a band who affiliates with Odd Future. However, their sound is distinctly different from OF. The group performs live with a very loose instrumentation of analog instruments, bringing electronic R&B back into the hands of the musician, not the computer. Check out their latest recordings here.

Holding the reputation as one of the greatest festivals in the country, Bonnaroo is sure to exceed all expectations for 2016. The chosen artists are sure to evoke an unforgettable experience for all fans of music. Purchase tickets and check out the linup for this year.

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