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The 6 Best Foo Fighters B-Sides

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Over the course of the last 20+ years, Foo Fighters went from being Dave Grohl’s little post-Nirvana side project into one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Staples of the alt-rock radio scene, they’re obviously most popular for hit singles that have dominated the charts. But every A-side has its B-side – and Foo Fighters happen to have some of the best non-album cuts in their catalog that you could ask for.  Some songs are so awesome and on-point that you’ll wonder why they didn’t make the album, while others offer a cool platform for Grohl and company to experiment into stranger musical territory. Here are some of their best b-sides:

1) “Fraternity” (“Generator” European Single, 1999) 

The Foo’s third album There Is Nothing Left To Lose found the band deviating from the standard ’90s alt-rock song format of the soft-verse-loud-chorus-soft-verse and broadening the songwriting approach. “Fraternity” is probably the closest the band has ever come to sounding like Weezer, with a catchy hook that instantly nuzzles into your brain and a guitar solo that very well could have influenced every song the Strokes would ever release.

2) “Down in the Park” (The X-Files Songs in the Key of X soundtrack album, 1996)

Dave Grohl has always been a big X-Files fan (he even has a brief cameo in one of the earlier episodes of the show), and so when the band was asked to contribute to a compilation of spooky/paranormal-themed songs, they were happy to put their own spin on Gary Numan’s 1979 jam.

3) “The Colour And The Shape” (“Monkey Wrench” European single, 1997)

Not to be confused with the title of the band’s smash sophomore album that it shares its name with, this thrashy behemoth of a tune harkens back to the more unhinged songs of the self-titled Foo Fighters debut. Fans who weren’t able to drown in noise the first time around later got a chance to hear the song when it was included as a bonus track on the deluxe reissue of The Colour and the Shape.

4) “A320” (Godzilla soundtrack album, 1998)

Grohl has called this sweeping prog-rock-ish track his favorite Foo Fighters song, though he would also state that the film whose soundtrack it appears on – 1998’s Matthew Broderick-starring remake of Godzilla – was the worst movie he had ever seen. And while there are few people who look back on that movie with fond memories, “A320” certainly stands the test of time (and is perfect end-credits music).

5) “Baker Street” (“My Hero” UK single, 1998)

Never has a saxophone been so not-missed. The band’s fiery take on Gerry Rafferty absolutely rocks and even slipped out of its import-only b-side status to get some radio airplay.

6) “Win Or Lose” (“All My Life” single, 2002)

Sometimes songs have to go through the ringer a few times before they properly land. Originally called “Make A Bet,” which appeared as a b-side to “Learn to Fly” a few years earlier, “Win or Lose” gained some muscle and more sparkling production when it reappeared on this One By One-era single.

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