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5 SXSW Events You Cannot Miss This Year

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South By Southwest is a music festival that turns Austin, Texas into a sprawling and wonderful block party. Spanning from March 11th to March 20th, companies and brands set up tents and fence off areas to host concerts, films, speakers, and interactive activities. This is a festival experience that also incorporates healthy living, love for everyone, and an energetic, positive party. These are just a few of the events you cannot miss at SXSW 2016!

The Spotify House

The Spotify House is a party that is nearly non-stop. Last year, The Spotify House hosted some amazing artists like Big Data, Run the Jewels, and Sam Hunt. Each day, they also hosted group biking workouts to a live DJ (aptly named SoulCycle) which will be making a return this year. Amidst the music events, they will serve authentic local food, choosing to support the local restaurants and catering food from the city of Austin. You can expect to find the awesome CHVRCHES playing at The Spotify House this year. Also, keep an eye out for The Kills and Twin Peaks on day five.

Dirty Dog Bar

(Video may contain strong language)

Those who are looking to get their rock fix just need to head down to the Dirty Dog Bar. The bar, which quickly gets filled, will be the stage to find any heavy rock band. SXSW is known for more of a dance, folk, and americana audience. Those looking to scream along to some aggressive lyrics can find their release here. Expect to see bands like pop-punk powerhouses Citizen and Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

The Main

(Video may contain strong language)

Last year, The Main hosted world-class DJ Steve Aoki and singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett. The stage is known to host some of the more mainstream artists as well as showcasing new, upcoming artists. This year, you can expect to see DJ Jazzy Jeff (of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame) and the talented and hilarious rapper Lil Dicky. If you want to see the biggest shows, you can’t forget The Main.

Mr Robot Carnival

Promoting their hit TV show Mr Robot, the USA network will be setting up a 10-story ferris wheel overlooking the SXSW festival. This will be the first time a ferris wheel will be set up for the event, providing an amazing bird’s eye view for the whole festival. Take a break from the constant partying and get an incredible view of the streets of Austin.


SXSW offers a bunch of free workshops for a variety of skills! Learn how to be a better designer or coder, create more complicated music or learn how to use a new DAW (like Cubase or Pro Tools), or become a better actor. A bold individual might even try to swing this as a company expense (can’t hurt to try, right?). Workshops offer a unique opportunity to sit down and learn from professionals in whichever field you want to pursue. There are dozens of workshops offered, sponsored by Google, McDonalds, and even 3M. Check out:

Whatever you do at South by Southwest, you’ll have a good time. Experienced festival goers will know that big events like this require planning, so take a look at the schedule and figure out where you need to be!

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