5 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Were Written By Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo

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The songwriting prowess of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has become the stuff of legends – from the stories of his alleged academic findings on the formula for “the perfect song” to his meticulously crafted and prolific catalog. But what many don’t know is that Cuomo is a bit of a songwriter-for-hire, too. Here are five songs that you probably didn’t know that the man who once claimed he looked just like Buddy Holly had a hand in writing:

1) Cee Lo Green, “Anyway” 

Cee Lo Green has been known to pen songs for unlikely artists (this is the man behind the Pussycat Dolls’ smash hit “Don’t Cha,” after all). Rivers Cuomo helped continue the cycle of odd pairings when he co-wrote this song for the singer’s 2010 pop album The Ladykiller. 

2) Sugar Ray, “Love is the Answer” 

“Love is the Answer” was originally written during the sessions for Weezer’s Make Believe record, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. Cuomo included the song in a batch of demos that he presented to Sugar Ray for the making of their 2009 album Music for Cougars. That same year, Weezer released the song on their album Raditude, in a different key and with a completely different arrangement.


3) Zed, “Starlight” 

Die-hard Weezer fans might recognize “Starlight,” as the song was a b-side on the international single for “Hash Pipe.” New Zealand band Zed gave the song a second life when they put their own spin on it for the soundtrack to Rob Schneider’s comedy The Hot Chick. Cuomo even said that he preferred Zed’s arrangement over his own.


4) Cold, “Stupid Girl” 

Alt-metal band Cold may not be a group that you’ve given much thought to since the early ’00s, but many don’t know that Rivers Cuomo helped co-write one of their biggest singles. The song was originally intended to be a duet, but Cuomo opted to let Cold singer Scooter Ward take the lead, contributing only to the pre-chorus.


5) The Rentals, “My Head is in the Sun” 

Rentals frontman/original Weezer bassist Matt Sharp tapped his main gig bandmate to collaborate on this wistful, strum-heavy ballad on the former’s second record, Seven More Minutes. Shortly after the album’s release, Sharp left Weezer to make his side project a full-time thing, making “My Head Is In The Sun” the last recorded collaboration between the two.

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