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5 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With Zayn Malik

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Zayn Malik is doing big things since leaving One Direction. Only time will tell if Malik will keep surpassing our expectations, but I have faith that he can. If you weren’t a fan during the One Direction days, he’s the latest tattooed bad boy that you’ve fallen for. Yet, it seems that he’s not a bad boy inside, where it actually counts– which makes us love him so much more. Here are just five of the reasons why we’re all so obsessed with him.

1. He’s breaking records left and right.

Mind of Mine helped Malik make history when the album debuted at number one. Malik joins the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani as a group artist that successfully transitioned into a solo act and hit number one on the Billboard 200. Malik is also the first UK artist to debut at number one in the US and UK.  There are honestly so many achievements for Mind of Mine that I could write a whole article just on that alone. Malik even keeps a framed article of his achievement right beside a couple of Deadpool masks. Speaking of Deadpool…


2. He nerds out just like the rest of us.

Sometimes we think that stars are “above” most of the things that we nerd out on. Unlike the majority, Malik isn’t afraid to admit that he nerds out just like the rest of us. Just take a look at that Deadpool picture! Thanks to Malik’s social media presence we have learned a lot more about him than we used to know.

After a recent Twitter exchange we should obviously keep an eye out for Malik and Ryan Reynolds taking a special trip to see the movie together. You never know, we just might get to see a real picture of him in that Deadpool costume after all.

3. He is unapologetically himself.

Malik tells Billboard’s Chris Martins, “I’m not censoring myself anymore.” When artists say words like that, we all know that we’re in for some of the best music we’ve heard in a while. We all knew that Zayn never fit the typical boyband mold. Since leaving One Direction, Malik has changed his hair more than five times and shaved it recently. Malik already had 47 tattoos but recently added a new fake one to his collection. Dedicated to Mind of Mine, the tattoo of M.O.M was, well, right by his mind.

4. We’re finally getting a full view of his talent.

Malik is listed as a writer on every track of Mind of Mine. It’s rare today to see an artist listed as a writer on every single song on an album (Unless it’s Taylor Swift, then we kind of just expect it). Between the writing and experimentation that Malik is open to, there is no doubt that we as fans can expect great things. Mind of Mine is one of the most original and experimental albums that 2016 has had to offer thus far. I can only imagine what he has in store for us next.

5. We can’t wait to see where his career goes.

Yes, we loved him in One Direction. But now we’ve all grown up, and so has Malik. He’s given us the more mature sound that we’ve been waiting so long to hear from him. We’re all so excited to see where this solo endeavor can take him. The vibe of Mind of Mine has given us so much to look forward to in future releases.  Now that he’s a solo act there is no doubt that we can look forward to many unforgettable hits.


You’ll want to keep up with Zayn on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – he’s kind of a selfie king. I can basically promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here waiting for that selfie with Ryan Reynolds confirming they’ve finally seen Deadpool together – and that Malik may or may not have been in that costume.

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What are the reasons why you’re obsessed with Zayn? Comment below!


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