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5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Jack Garratt

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Jack Garratt is a singer songwriter that’s taking the world by storm through his unique style of performance. His music is emotional and relatable. He sings songs of sentiment and infuses his solo act with electronic sounds as well as live instruments. Everyone loves Jack Garratt. Here’s Trebel’s 5 reasons why.


1. He’s a humbled Brit.

Artists from the United Kingdom have always foreshadowed the next musical movement for the United States. Jack Garratt, from Buckinghamshire, England, is no different. The songwriter fuses two major English fields that Americans adore: Electronic, and British Singer Songwriter. His music is reminiscent of James Blake and Ed Sheeran, who are British as well.


2. He’s a one man show.giphy (1)

When Jack Garratt performs, audiences watch him juggle not two instruments at once…  not three… but over four. The vocalist performs with a guitar around his neck, a keyboard in front of him, and a drum pad to his right. Nonetheless, Garratt never seems flustered by the quantity of instruments he takes on. He stays cool and makes it look easy. This is a show you have to see to believe.


3. He shares the backstories behind his music.

In this video, Garrett talks about the process writing and producing his hit, “Worry”. After over coming writers block, he realizes it’s best to just let his ideas flow and have fun when making music. The result is one of his most relatable, popular, and notable works. “Worry”. Download the track here.


4. The beard stays perfect. Even in the most intense situations.

Jack Garratt makes synchronized swimming cool again in his music video for “Breathe Life”, released in October of 2015. Watch his beard remain effortlessly coiffed as he floats in open ocean and sings his catchy tune.


5. He absolutely killed it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Viewers around the country were floored by the performance Garratt delivered on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Though it’s difficult to juggle that many instruments at once, for Garratt it’s second nature. He displayed complete control over every aspect of his sound. He treated his audience with an array of textures from sub bass, to wobbling keyboard patches, to his distorted guitar. Jack Garratt put on a show that will be talked about for years.


Check out Garratt’s debut album Phase and see what all the buzz is about. What is it about Jack Garratt that you can’t get enough of?

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