5 Hip Hop Groups That Should Reunite

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With the recent reunion of beloved rap group A Tribe Called Quest (including their excellent sixth album and what’s looking to be the starting signs of a full-blown tour), die-hard hip hop fans are witnessing events that they thought would probably never come to pass. Which really makes you wonder – if Tribe can make amends, who’s to say that other groups that threw in the towel way too soon can’t rise like a hip hop phoenix? Here are five groups that need to get back together ASAP!

1) Outkast

While it’s true that Outkast never officially called it quits, it’s been painfully obvious that Andre 3000 and Big Boi have seemingly been focused on anything BUT recording music together again. And while the duo have found plenty of other creative outlets (including acting, solo albums, and record labels) to showcase their skills since releasing their last group album Idlewild in 2006, 10 out of 10 fans would much prefer to see the Dirty South pioneers do their thing together rather than separately.

2) Clipse

The idea of two real-life brothers almost-exclusively rapping about cocaine over bouncy Neptunes beats might have sounded like a strange concept on paper, but the Virginia duo of the Clipse won over the hearts of rap fans by doing just that in the ’00s. The fact that group member Malice (now known as No Malice) turned his back on the darker content of his past after becoming a devout Christian might make any reunion a little less than likely, we can all still hold on to hope that he and Pusha T may be able to meet in the middle somehow and make music together again some day.

3) The Pharcyde

We’re living in a time when rap has never been weirder, which is what makes the absence of a fully-functional Pharcyde all the more painful of a reality to embrace. The Los Angeles alt-hip hop quartet pioneered the type of free-spirited, outside-the-box aesthetic that certainly looms heavy over the unrestricted attitude of today’s artists. The group currently exists in fragments, with members SlimKid3 and Fatlip performing Pharcyde material under the moniker Bizarre Ride Live while Imani and Bootie Brown have retained use of the group’s original name. Neither fractured subgroup has come even close to reaching the success that the four of them had together, so it just would seem like simple logic for them to get back together and make great music again.

4) Little Brother

North Carolina trio Little Brother burst onto the early ’00s indie scene like a breath of fresh air, bringing with them a sound that harkened back to the ’90s Native Tongues movement while incorporating a more modern (and Southern) perspective. Which is why the dissolution of the group in 2010 was all the more crushing, leaving fans wanting more after just three proper albums. The group cast a major influence on everyone from Drake to Kanye West to J.Cole, and its members 9th Wonder, Phonte Coleman, and Rapper Big Pooh are all still active participants in various facets of the music scene; their reunion feels like something that could be plausible, and hopefully in a shorter amount of time than it took for Tribe to get back together.

5) Das Racist

Comedic stoners Das Racist may have existed as a mere blip on the radar during their short yet explosive career, but the unique and nuanced voice that they brought to the culture is definitely one that hadn’t been explored before or since. Though best known for their annoying viral hit “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” the Brooklyn-based trio offered up a smart/stupid counterpoint to rap’s often self-serious status quo. Perhaps the group called it quits before the inside joke ran out of steam, but it’s hard not to wonder where else they could possibly throw their witty verbal darts.

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