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5 Best Music Podcasts of 2016

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Even the most ardent music fanatic sometimes needs to take a break from listening to music…but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options to fill that void. We’re in the midst of a podcast renaissance, and 2016 provided plenty of awesome shows that dive into the nitty gritty ABOUT music. Check this list out and start subscribing!

1) Song Exploder 

song exploder

If you’ve ever listened to a song and wondered how the artists went from the initial idea to the final product, Song Exploder is the podcast you’ve been waiting for all of your life. Creator/host Hrishikesh Hirway talks shop and dissects songs with a wide range of musicians, producers, and songwriters, including Weezer, DJ Shadow, Thundercat, Phantogram, Spoon, Flatbush Zombies, and more. Clocking in at around 20 minutes, each episode provides a step-by-step look inside the creative process, including original demo recordings, song stems, and more.

2) Juan Epstein

juan epstein

NYC-based radio personalities Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds provide the ultimate safe haven for hip hop nerds, roping in a who’s who of the emerging underground and legends of the genre, including Q-Tip, Jay Z, John Legend, Lil Yachty, and more. 2016 saw an increase in the banter and exchange between the show’s hosts, with some episodes not even featuring a guest (but still providing for an entertaining listen). If you’re the type of hip hop head to obsess over liner notes, it’s a must-listen.

3) The Talkhouse Music Podcast


But who needs hosts when you get just get musicians to talk to each other about music? That’s the basic premise of Talkhouse’s Music Podcast, which pairs artists together to talk about each other’s work as well as the overall creative process. Sometimes the duos seem like a natural fit (DJ Premier and Prince Paul, DJ Shadow with Clams Casino), while other pairings are intriguing enough to warrant a listen just to discover what happens (Wyclef Jean and Arcarde Fire’s Will Butler, RZA and Interpol’s Paul Banks).

4) Celebration Rock

celebration rock

Music critic Steven Hyden provides the type of useless-yet-essential navel-gazing about music that is sure to resonate with anyone who has made it this far into this list. Episodes topics have included “How 90’s Rock Became Classic Rock,” “What Is So Great About Radiohead Anyway?”, and “Was 2005 Indie Rock’s Last Great Year?” Hyden is joined by people who know how to talk the talk, from notable writers/critics like Chuck Klosterman and Rob Sheffield to artists like Craig Finn of the Hold Steady and Joyce Manor singer Barry Johnson.

5) Super Duty Tough Work 

super duty tough work

Hip hop artist Blueprint has learned a lot about the independent music scene over the course of his 15+ year career, from his tenure inside indie powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment to his entrepreneurial endeavors of his own Weightless Recordings label. He and co-host Illogic offer up useful tips for indie artists looking to further their careers with easily digestible lists and themed episodes. They also weigh in on happenings in the industry with the type of “keep it real” perspective that most shows wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

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