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Coachella 2017: Consider Seeing These Artists

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Last week the Coachella 2017 lineup was announced. The West Coast festival has becoming increasingly popular in recent years, attracting an audience far wider than simply seasoned musical fans. While the internet was abuzz with the list of bands, one other piece of information came to light. This year the announcement also drew attention to the man who “owns” Coachella: Philip Anschutz, head of The Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). Anschutz and AEG’s political affiliations and the nature of their spending led to some speculation as to what Coachella attendees are supporting in going to the musical gathering.

Irregardless of where AEG and it’s employees stand on the issues, one thing we can be sure of is that the bands that will be there deserve our support. Those musicians earned a spot at one of the most popular events in music today, which is a great accomplishment, and it’s the audience’s responsibility to help them celebrate that. Coachella is a time when many of them may be playing their largest crowd to date and fans as well as newcomers should be there to see what they do with that moment.

The bands that were printed in tiny text under each headliner- these are some of the best up-and-coming musicians, but odds are their presence at Coachella will be overshadowed by the larger acts, who honestly you could stand to miss. If NYE 2016 taught us anything, the bigger the star does not mean the better the show. Here are five acts you should be sure to catch at Coachella this year:

As awesome as Lorde’s strange dance moves are, you may be better off catching…

This Icelandic band is one of the best in indie rock and lead singer JJ Julius Son has equal if not greater vocal chops when compared to Lorde. Their debut A/B has a duality that proves their good at sweltering guitar solos as well as slow burning acoustic softness.

Given his penance for ranting on stage about the music business instead of playing a set that everyone paid hundreds of dollar to see, Father John Misty isn’t worth the sunburn and standing around. A better bet would be…

Seattle’s rock quartet named after the internet’s favorite palindrome is the band you’ll brag about seeing when they make it big in 2017. Prepare by listening to Lost Time their 2016 album off of Hardly Art Records.

His 2016 record 22, A Million was a great success, but everyone already knows that and knows how good Bon Iver can be. Why not beat the crowd to the next soft-spoken sensation…

Car Seat Headrest
Already steadily gaining fans, Will Toledo’s act is another that will soon be impossible to see. Before the masses catch on (more than they already have) and while there’s still standing room as his shows, be sure to hear Teens of Denial live.

Everyone and their sister will be waiting to see Beyonce perform; ain’t nobody got time for that. If you want the mindset of an empowered feminist without the crowd, try…

This bonafide rocker sported a pantsuit before it was cool. Her newest record Puberty 2 was one of the best of the past year and touches on everything from racial identity to depression.

“Let Me Love You” was good and everything, but is DJ Snake alone worth braving the concert crowds? One band to show up in full worth see instead is…

Two Door Cinema Club
The Irish indie rock band are easily electronic enough to compete with a DJ. Their 2016 album Gameshow is an excellent follow-up to Beacon, with a ’80s disco/funk preoccupation similar to Daft Punk’s work.

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