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5 Artists That Should Make More Christmas Music

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The holidays have finally crept up and that can only mean one thing: Christmas music is in heavy Trebel rotation again. Indeed, your love/hate relationship with the festive genre is about to return for the holidays like that one relative who manages to make every family gathering. I think we all can agree that once a year for a few days is just enough Christmas music to satisfy our holiday fix. But there’s a handful of artists that actually made really great songs, and if in a parallel universe they decided to release more Christmas hits, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Dare I say, it may even be pretty good.

1. Justin Bieber

Remember that one year Justin Bieber was the King of Christmas? Though it feels like eons ago, before his very public rebellion Justin was the poster boy for all things warm and fuzzy. Since then, while his reputation may have drastically changed, you can’t deny his 2011 Christmas album Under the Mistletoe was filled with catchy melodies that make your heart happy deep down inside.


2. Chris Brown

The only Christmas song Chris has ever put out is just enough of a taste to confirm if he were to ever give it another shot, he’d knock it out of the park. Obviously, that more than likely won’t ever happen but if it did I’m positive he would deliver holiday music we’d have on repeat fo eva.



Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but if in a parallel universe NSYNC can reunite and create another Christmas album, fans 25+ would revert back to their teenage selves long enough to give Beliebers a run for their money. NSYNC’s one time Christmas release Home for Christmas back in 1998 made Christmas cool again, even if it started and ended with this song. Plus, a vintage Justin Timberlake is never bad.


4. Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande (or the Mariah Carey incarnate as I like to call her) could release another Christmas single and would more than likely do really well. Her fun and flirty approach to one of the least sexiest holidays is not only refreshing but modernizes your Christmas playlist. If given another opportunity, I’m sure she’d deliver both a sexy and sultry Christmas album we’d revisit year after year.


5. Mariah Carey 

Saving the best (and most obvious) for last. This Christmas anthem is the epitome of Christmas cheer. In fact, no Christmas season is complete without this signature tune. The diva herself has never delivered a follow-up effort to her 1994 Merry Christmas album but does she need to? Um, YES. All I want for Christmas is another Mariah Carey Christmas album!

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