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4 Reasons Trebel Wins vs. Spotify

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TLDR: The Trebel music app beats out Spotify (free) on mobile because it a) lets users choose what songs to play instead of only offering shuffle, b) uses 90% less phone battery and c) lets users play music offline. Check out the free Trebel app here.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of young music listeners are unwilling to pay for music (ahem, have you checked the percentage of Spotify users that actually use the premium tier?).  The swelling appetite for free music is happening at a time when listening habits are shifting to mobile. In the battle for free and mobile supremacy, we compare upstart music service Trebel to the unpaid version of Spotify, and the facts speak for themselves.    


1. Trebel is free, just like Spotify

Spotify (free) is a popular choice for students and budget-conscious millennials that want to save on a $9.99  monthly subscription.  But let’s be honest, free services are a dime a dozen.  Like Spotify free, Trebel costs absolutely nothing.

Winner: Users

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2. Trebel lets you pick your songs, Spotify doesn’t

One of the major limitations of free Spotify on mobile is the inability to choose what songs to play and when.  Where Spotify gives users a “shuffle mode” experience, the Trebel app lets users pick the songs to play at any given moment.  Not feeling that next jam on shuffle?  No problem. Choose the song you want.

Winner: Trebel



3. Trebel Uses 90% Less Phone Battery

Mobile services like Spotify can be huge drains on phone battery because they stream music from the cloud.  By contrast, Trebel plays music from a device’s memory, using 90% less battery power than Spotify during playback.  Want your phone battery to last throughout the day?  The choice is obvious.

Winner: Trebel



4. Trebel lets you play offline

Data usage is a big concern for young people that use their phones a lot.  Streaming services like Spotify are a culprit in this problem because streaming music constantly eats up your data. However, since Trebel is a download-and-play app, songs are cached onto a users’ phone and can be enjoyed offline without worrying about data usage.  No Wi-Fi?  No problem.  Trebel’s got your back and will save you money!

Winner: Trebel

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Have your own thoughts about Trebel?  Share them in the comments.  

Download the Trebel app here or by searching “Trebel Music” in the app store.

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