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3 Bands From Ohio University You Need to Check Out

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Ohio University’s campus has had an ever changing music scene for as long as anyone can remember. As new faces come and go, so do the musical trends they bring with them. You never know what’s coming next in Athens. Because hot new bands are always popping up in different places, here are three bands you definitely need to pay attention to.



Two parts groovy and one part funk, Waivada is all about variety. They bring so many genres of music together that you’re eyes would glaze over reading them all. In short, they’re a funky rock band with a laid back style of playing.

The band got started on campus in 2014 and has been grooving ever since. These guys are great to listen to on a sunny day when you’re trying to vibe or at any house show. They’re of the jam band sort, so expect long instrumental sessions. Don’t worry though, you won’t mind them at all.

First time listeners should start with “Make It Work” and see where it takes them. Listen to their songs here.


The Wonderfool

Athens has no shortage of folk bands but The Wonderfool stands out. Experimental is a good word to describe him, with essences of soul in the mix. This is good relaxation music, perfect for writing papers or hanging out with friends.

For fans of the Avett Brothers, he also has a cover of “Murder in the City” that’s worth checking out. He sticks with the basic feel of the song and throws in some guitar plucking and smooth vocals for good measure.

The Wonderfool’s rhythmic guitar blends together perfectly with his vocals to make for some notable songs, including the “Up Goes The Fire.” You can check him out on SoundCloud.



Druid is a psychedelic rock band verging on the brink of metal. They may not be for the faint of heart, but they know how to get a crowd whipped up. This is music that’s liable to start a mosh pit at a house party one minute and then mellow everyone out with some psychedelic guitar the next song.

The band got started in 2014, many of their lengthy songs start off pretty steady then pick things up after a minute or two. This steady momentum eventually builds into a head banging jam that will put any rocker in their element.

Their song “Roots and Beings,” does a great job of encompassing the band’s style. You can hear it at Bandcamp,

You never know when a new band will come out of nowhere and blow your mind, especially in Athens. These three bands have that potential. Stay tuned for more great bands at Ohio University and discover even more awesome music on the Trebel app.

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