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3 Artists From Temple University That You Need to Check Out

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Temple University gets the nickname “Diversity University” for more reasons than one. The music scene at Temple is just as varying as the student body itself. Whatever your favorite genre may be, there’s probably students at Temple playing that kind of music somewhere on campus at a local gig in the city, in a house-party basement, or just alone in their dorm. It can be hard to navigate through the countless artists at Temple, so Trebel has chosen three artists that are worth checking out right now.


12239981_1654023971511520_3387039325701680559_nThis three-piece band led by singer and guitarist Jac Carson describes themselves as a multi-influenced band that plays a wide variety of genres, ranging from indie to pop punk. The band is influenced heavily from the Temple basement show scene, where they play a lot of their gigs. Monkeys On Loan preform cover songs and have original music as well. Singer Jac Carson has released an EP on SoundCloud which includes songs that the band plays live. The three met freshman year and are all students in Temple’s Fox School of Buisness. To keep up with Monkeys On Loan follow their Facebook page where they post upcoming events they will be playing.


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.47.03 PMSteven Jones is a senior at Temple University from Richmond, Virginia. But when he is performing or hosting his radio show, he goes by DJ Private Sector. Steven describes himself as a progressive house DJ. When he creates his mixes, he likes to take vocal stems of popular songs and put them to progressive house beats. He says his goal is to, “create music people can sing along and dance to.” On his show Private Sector Premiere, Steven features current EDM hits and some of his own mixes as well. He has played gigs in his hometown Richmond and at local Temple parties as well. You can listen to Steven’s mixes on his SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter for up-to-date information about his radio show and events he will be DJing.


11218717_816099638479785_8876334543462123808_nThis late-90’s influenced alternative band is known for having a good time on stage. Furthermore. has played together for four years and performs all original music. This band lets loose on stage every time they perform. Their singer Eric White refers to his band as, “a bunch of random bearded guys who go nuts on stage.” Furthermore. has their own original sound, but it is comparable to bands such as Incubus and Deftones. They play a lot of gigs in Philly venues such as World Cafe and The Grape Room, but you can also catch them playing right at Temple. To see a performance by Furthermore. keep up with them on their website and “like” their Facebook page.

“Just Another Face” by Furthermore.

Beyond just these artists, Temple University has a very rich and diverse music scene that is worth getting to know. Stay up to date with these artists, and be sure to support other Temple artists at their shows as well. Great music at Temple University is not hard to sniff out, and these three artists prove just that.

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