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3 Artists from Kennesaw State University You Need to Check Out

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Kennesaw State University is on it’s way to becoming the largest school in Georgia. With a student population of over 30,000, there are bound to be some amazing artists. This list focuses on three incredible groups that are creating music in the local scene.


Absolutely, Monkier is one of the most unique bands in the scene. A complex blend of jazz, hip hop, and funk; this band is doing something that no one else is. Monkier have developed an iconic image and sound. Behind the music, you’ll find 8 committed members focusing on a sound to stand out among the people around them. Check out their website here and be on the lookout for a new album at the end of May!


Enversia has been in the local scene for a while now. The alternative band has built a nice following in the Atlanta scene with their unique sound mixing melody and heavy vocals. The band has opened for pop-punk powerhouses like Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep, playing shows to filled venues. For an awesome live experience, make sure to check them out! Keep up with tour dates at their facebook and be on the lookout for more new songs like “Burning Out!”

Like Mike

Like Mike is a local band powerhouse. Established back in 2011, the band has been growing in reputation, skill, and status since. During the pop-punk band’s career they have hosted sold-out shows and opened for big touring bands. Known as the nice guys of the local scene, just about everyone knows Like Mike. They are always creating music and playing shows. You can find their new EP for sale on their website here  and their facebook here.

Like these bands? Did we miss someone? Leave a comment! To listen to tons of new and undiscovered artists, be sure to download the Trebel app for free music. 

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